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Purses are bought by women all over the world as they can most conveniently store their coins, currency, cards and many other smaller items. While you plan buying women's purses in Nepal, you require figuring out how you are going to use it. There are many different types of ladies wallets in Nepal available online that come in different styles, sizes and shapes with different features. The materials used in the manufacturing of wallets / purses also greatly vary. When people go shopping purses for girls they keep in mind the minimum size that is going to suit them. There are purses with many pockets and there are ones with a few. Kaymu Nepal will help you choose best women's wallets to add another stylish assortment in your womens accessories.

Why Women Buy Wallets & Purses Apart from Bags?

This question may hit the minds of many men out there. Why is a big women bag with pockets for mobile phone as well as cards is not enough for a woman to carry her belongings? Well, almost every woman needs a wallet/purse just as a man needs a wallet despite having a laptop bag or office bag with all the necessary space. There are many reasons to use a wallet such as:

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A wallet carries your daily basics in their few pockets such as your currency, plastic money, business/membership cards, ID cards and sometimes, the bigger purses/wallets may also carry smaller jewelry or cosmetic items. The large sized ladies pursues also have capacity to hold cellphones. For the fashionistas, there are wallets that come with a built-in fixed mirror to help women stay tuned.


The comprehensive range of women's wallets in Nepal available online at Kaymu can help provide great security to all your everyday basics as they come with a strap. These high-quality wallets are the best way to avoid pick pockets and to keep your important possessions with you all day long. There are also modern wallets/purses for women available at Kaymu with an anti-theft feature for maximum security.

Beautiful Purses for Women made from Different Materials

There are many different types of purses, each made from a different material. The purses made of leather are the most durable and elegant. These classy purses are manufactured by the leading brands including Michael Kors, Gucci, Chanel clutches and many more. To make sure that your leather purse stays safe for long, you should keep it away from extreme temperatures and moisture. Apart from the leather purses, there are nylon purses that offer durability at low price. The nylon purses are easy to clean and are the most commonly bought around the world. Kaymu's online shopping community has a large variety of nylon wallets/purses for women at affordable prices. Unlike leather purses, they require less cleaning however ladies leather purses are far more durable than nylon purses.

Checkbook Wallet Purses for Women

Sellers at Kaymu also offer complete variety of wallet purses for women who require carrying their checkbooks with them all the time. The checkbook wallets for women come with a special checkbook holder and a pen that makes it possible for you to hold your checkbooks and pens without any inconvenience.

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Kaymu has stocked latest assortment of womens wallets for sale varying in different sizes, designs and styles. Not only that, you can also get complimentary deals and discounts on ladies wallet prices with free shipping and cash on delivery (COD) options. Order online and get delivery of your ladies wallets in kathmandu, biratnagar, pokhara and countrywide in Nepal.