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Stylish Range of Ladies Polo Shirts in Nepal

Polo is the sport of kings and that is exactly how the shirts have been popularized. Ralph lauren started the trend of making this shirt specific to the sport with a man playing polo – logo on the top left corner of the shirt. They have a collar attached to the shirt giving them a semi-formal look. Today these kinds of shirts are made by all famous brands such as Lacoste, Armani, Abercrombie and Calvin klein. The brand has also expanded to include women's shirts and shirt dresses. There are many designs that come in the women's polo shirts like the black label, custom fit oxford shirts, and the pima cotton mesh polo shirt. Our favorites are the classic fit and big pony slim fit polo shirts.

The Perfect Top for Every Occasion

There are many designs of tops for girls and tops for women in Nepal. Shirts and blouses are button down tops that are worn more formally to office meetings etc. Button downs shirts and blouses are worn if you want to give a more proper look. They are usually made from cotton or in silks giving them crisp and clean look. Knits and tees are more of casual wear. Perfect for everyday use in the house and to run errands in town. Ladies Tee shirts in Nepal are made from a light breathable material and are one of the hottest ladies tops in Nepal.

The Style and Design of Tops on Kaymu Nepal

Within the formal and casual women tops in Nepal there are many other subcategories to choose from. The fit is one of the most important factors in tops. The three types of fit include classic fit for average body weight, Petite fit for girls who are skinny and loose fit for girls who are slightly healthy. Remember to wear a shirt which is half an inch loose rather than tight. Girl's tops also vary according to the length of the sleeve. There are full sleeve, half sleeve, quarter sleeve and sleeve less shirts that you could choose from depending on the season you are buying it in.

The Ladies Tee Shirt Dress in Nepal

Whether it is kitchen accessories, their kids rooms or their old clothes, women love to revamp, renovate and reuse. Here we tell you a super cool way to recreate a beautiful dress from your dad or brothers old t shirt. For this you will need a large size or oversized t shirt and a pair of scissors. Once you find that works for you, go ahead and stick both your arms through the neck hole making it look like a tube top from the front. Then take the sleeves and tie them around your waist giving your dress a proper shape. For look number two you can do the exact same thing at the back. This will give a cute little back bow to your dress. For another cute look tuck the sleeves into the dress, giving the impression of pockets. Remember to always belt the dress so it is nice and secure.