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T-shirts are an essential element of both a man's and a woman's wardrobe.For most shoppers, the ideal T-shirt is hard to pick.These are made from cotton which makes it very easy and comfortable to wear.From loose fit to slim fit and sleeveless to three quarter, half and full sleeves,T-shirts come in so many variations in fabrics, necklines and shapesthat each one of you can choose as per our personal style orientation.

You can choose from an amazing collection of T-shirts styles and designs at Kaymu Nepal suited to any occasion or event. Be it a pool or cocktail party in the day or an evening out with friends, T-shirts are the ideal go-to clothing staple.

Types of Ladies T-shirts in Nepal

The first type of T-shirts is basic T-shirts.These have a uniform pattern and tone, can be found in any sleeve style and are the most versatile pieces of clothing. Graphic T-shirts have an image printed on the T-shirt, either screen printed or dyed into the fabric. A third type of T-shirts is embellished T-shirts. These have a dressier look since they are ornamented with studs, jewels, intricate embroidery, lace or bows.

Types of Necklines in Nepal

From round shaped necklines to V-shaped ones, Kaymu Nepal features T-shirts for women of all ages and body types. Round shaped necklines are the most common ones. On the other hand, V-shaped necklines are more stylish and give room to the wearer. They help to enhance a woman's look based on the depth of the point where it forms a "V" and the breadth of the neckline.

Variations in Sleeves

Cap sleeves simply cover the shoulders putting weight on the upper portion of your arms and reducing the breadth of your shoulders, thus, moderating a healthybuilt. Three quarter sleeves enhance or emphasize the waist line and are suitable for women with slimmer waists compared to the rest of their body.Finally, long sleeve lengths are appropriate for women looking for a more formal look and wanting to attract sole attention to their faces.

A Range of Designs to Choose From

You can find an eclectic range of funky and subtle designs on T-shirts at Kaymu Nepal. From cartoon images to plain detailing and floral themes for summer and spring, some embellishments on the necklines add spice to your overall look. Just pair your T-shirt with a classy pair of jeans and a cool bag, and get ready to make heads turn.

Tips on Buying a Ladies T-Shirt in Nepal

When buying a T-shirt, keep in mind that its hemline should adequately fit your body shape.T-shirts with rounded hemlines that are longer on both the front and the back are best suited to ladies with broader hips. You can find a range of fabrics suitable for all seasons such as linen, cotton,silk,and linen at Kaymu. Cotton is the most flexible as it stretches with the person wearing the T-shirt and is best suited for summers along with linen. Silk T-shirts look uber-stylish on formal occasions such as evening parties, dinners and can be even worn to the office.

So don't wait and grab your favorite T-shirt in Nepal Online at Kaymu today!