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Swimwear for Ladies at Affordable Prices at Kaymu

Shopping for swimwear and shapewear can be a daunting experience for a number of ladies because there are so many options to choose from. Some swimwear might be too revealing for some women while others might not suit your body type. Before you buy a swimsuit for yourself, you must know the different types and which one will complement your body type. There are a number of brands that design, manufacture and retail swimwear for ladies. The first factor that is important is the size and the fitting, if that is perfect then the wearer will be comfortable. Kaymu offers their buyers with a wide collection of swimwear at reasonable prices. There are a number of discount deals which will reduce the women's swimwear prices in Nepal.

Guide for Buying Swimwear for Women

Shoppers can select from a wide collection of women's swim wear in Nepal. There are different types and designs to select from, here is a guide for people looking for attires for swimming. These tips will make shopping for swimming clothes convenient. Also buy women swimwear online, then your whole shopping experience will be very discreet and will help prevent awkward shopping experiences at the malls or stores. There are different types of swimwear for ladies that shoppers can get. It is important to get the one that suits your body type so that you feel comfortable and look great at the same time. Also always consider the fabric that you are getting which should be extremely comfortable to wear. Lastly take in account the color or pattern you want on your swimsuit. There are thousands of colors that women can get for themselves. These days' ladies are getting novelty swimwear that feature some funny cartoon or movie character on the attire.

Halter neck

This comes in both one piece and two piece which the consumers can get according to their choice. This design usually has a tie around the neck area. These are quite comfortable to wear and makes swimming easier.


This design is only offered in a two piece swimsuit for ladies that has a bikini top that has two triangles fabrics and ties around the neck. This is one the most commonly used deign by ladies for swimming.


This design comes in both two piece and one piece style and the top part has shoulder straps with a draped lower section.


This style is offered in one piece and two piece design which is strapless. These are sometimes considered to be too revealing but for women who are towards the petite side look great in these.


This style of swimwear for women is only available in two-piece set. The top part of the suit resembles a tank top with shoulder straps.


The bottom part of the bikini has a high waist design which is one of the classic designs. This is a two piece style because the bottoms have to be designed like shorts.


This is a two piece style of bikini for women's that has a bottom that resembles a skirt. The bottoms has a small skirt around the hip area which gives good cover.