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Stylish Sweatshirts for Ladies in Nepal at Kaymu

Sweatshirts have been around for many years now and a number of brands offer sweatshirts for women and men. The basic function of sweatshirts is to keep the wearer warm and prevent sweat or moisture. Sweatshirts in Nepal are worn while working out at the gym, running or any other physical activity. A number of people wear them casually paired with jeans or shorts

Shoppers who are looking for sweatshirts for women online, can now purchase them easily at Kaymu. There is a massive collection of sweatshirts at affordable prices. There are different styles, sizes and materials one can easily get without any hassle. Also there are several discount deals offered to shoppers that reduce the women sweatshirts prices in Nepal.

Guide for Buying Sweatshirts for Ladies

There are a number of factors that ladies must keep in mind before purchasing ladies sweatshirts. Keeping all these elements in mind will help you buy the right sweatshirt.

Types of sweatshirts

There are three main categories of sweatshirts that shoppers can get that include; pullovers, hoodie and athletics.


These are typically worn over the upper torso and keep the wearer very comfortable. Pullover sweatshirts are made from thick and heavy cotton material that works well for winters. Pullovers usually serve a function and are not used casually. A number of women engaged in outdoor sporting activities wear pullovers for warmth and breathability. Buy women sweatshirts online at Kaymu on discounted price rates.


Athletic sweatshirts are designed to be lightweight so that they keep the wearer comfortable. These are made from synthetic materials that can easily work well in all types of weather conditions. These are often sold with sweatpants but can be bought individually as well. Athletic sweatshirts have a warm outwear and have zippers and pockets.


These are the most common type of sweatshirts worn by women around the world. These are usually thicker and keep the wearer protected from the cold weather. Hoodies can be worn while working out, running or even casually. There are two styles of hoodies that shoppers can get; one with zippers and then one without zippers.


There are several materials from which hoodies are designed in. The most common materials used to manufacture hoodies are; cotton, polyester and nylon. Buyers can easily select the material they feel will keep them comfortable.

Color or Pattern

There are thousands of colors or patterns of hoodies that shoppers can get for themselves. You can easily purchase all your favorite colors online at Kaymu. You can also get different patterns or wordings on your hoodies. In the current day, a number of brands offer shoppers the opportunity to get customized hoodies made. You can easily get a favorite cartoon character, movie character or any phrases printed on your hoodies.


When buying hoodies for ladies, the size is not an issue because generally brands offer standard sizes. The sizes vary from small, medium and large which can be bought according to your body shape.