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When it comes to winter wear, few clothing items are more comfortable than sweaters and jumpers. Sweaters are designed in a way to capture air and keep you warm in freezing cold. You can use it as layer as well in extreme cold. These jumpers for ladies come in a wide variety. They vary in terms of types and the materials used in them. They can be used to make a strong fashion statement as well. There are numerous brands out there manufacturing women sweaters in Nepal. You can now get the best women sweater and jumper prices in Nepal online at Kaymu.

How to buy sweaters and jumpers for women

Given the large number of brands out there which manufacture ladies' sweaters, it can become a bit tricky to pick out the best one for yourself. To help you in picking out a great sweater for your winter wear wardrobe, the following comprehensive guide will come in handy.

What to look for when buying women's sweaters and jumpers

Following are the key things that must be considered when shopping for sweaters and jumpers:

Style of sweater: The first thing to do is to select the style of the sweater. Sweaters come in numerous styles, so you have plenty of options to choose from. The most simple and classic style is pullover. It has a crewneck collar, long sleeves and ribbed hemline. V neck sweaters have a v neck collar and give you a much tighter fitting. Cardigan is another popular choice. It is similar to pullover but has buttons in front. Turtlenecks are another popular choice. These have long collars at the neck and are perfect to wear at places where there is chilly wind. Sleeveless sweaters don't have sleeves and are ideal for pleasant weather when it is not much colder.

Material: The material of the sweater is an extremely important consideration because it will determine how good your sweater really is. For extreme winters, wool and fleece are the best choices. These materials trap warm air and keep your body temperature comfortable. Cashmere is another great choice. Cashmere comes from Kashmiri goats and tends to be pricier. But this price is well justified because it is considered to be the most luxurious material in clothing. For pleasant weathers when it is not too cold, cotton can be a good choice as well. Cotton is lightweight and cool, and ideal for moderate temperatures.

Size and fit: Like all other clothing items, sweaters need to be bought in perfect size and fitting. An ill fitted sweater will make you look really unappealing. Women sweaters should not be longer than their hips. They should fit snugly, but not too tight.

Color: The color of the sweater is a personal choice. It all depends in which color you feel most comfortable in. Lighter colors like white and grey are cool while brighter colors like red tend to be warm. Choose a color according to your current wardrobe.