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Buy Sunglasses for Women in Nepal

Buying sunglasses for women in Nepal is no longer a difficult task. Kaymu's online marketplace in Nepal has on board a full list of sunglasses retailers in the country. All you need to do is to browse through our women sunglasses section and make price comparisons of sunglasses offered by different sellers of Nepal. The largest online shopping community of Nepal also lets you make price comparison of the local retailers and make sure that you are paying for the best products. At Kaymu you can find all different styles of sunglasses from different brands. We have Rayban sunglasses as well as Gucci sunglasses for all those who are brand conscious. Kaymu's guide on buying sunglasses for women will help you making the best choice online.

If you have a square shape: For all those people who have a square face-cut along with a strong jaw, the sunglasses in round shape are the best choice. The reason for round-shaped sunglasses to suit such people is that they complement your angular features. The glasses with flat and straight bottoms should be avoided by you. Moreover, the oversized sunglasses are also considered a great choice for squared-shape people.

If you have a triangular shape:There are many people out there who have a heart-shaped or triangular shaped face. Such people usually have narrow chins and wider foreheads. The ladies sunglasses in Nepal with slightly rounded corners or those which are completely in oval shape are going to complement such faces. The Rayban Aviator sunglasses are known as the ideal choice for all people with triangular or heart-shaped faces as they angle inward at bottom edge and soften the face.

If you have an oblong-shaped face: All those people with oblong-face should not opt for oversized or aviator glasses. The oblong face usually calls for frames with horizontal line. The wraparound sunglasses are considered as the best choice for all the women with an oblong shaped face. The sunglasses with a heavy top usually comprise greater details on the top, making them the most suitable choice for women oblong-shaped faces.

If you have a round-shaped face: The unique thing about people with round shape is that they have noticeable curves. Such people often try out ways to make their faces appear longer and leaner. For such people, the designers manufacture sunglasses with least curves. The rectangular frames and square shaped sunglasses are considered the most flattering choice for women with a rounded face.

If you have an oval face: The women with an oval face have curves that are gently rounded. For such women, there are many different types of sunglasses including the police sunglasses and those made out of many other shapes and sizes. It has been noticed that people with an oval face can opt for sunglasses in any shapes or sizes, as any style would suit them.