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Importance of wearing slips

This piece of apparel is essential for every woman's wardrobe. Not only does it provide protection against rough clothing, it also avoids body exposure in see-through garments. Therefore, it conceals your body and adds shape and right fitting to the outer clothing. You can also wear a slip as a nightdress. These can also be worn under dresses during the winters for layering to keep your body warm. This clothing material can be worn under any type of clothes whether western wear or ethnic clothing. The right type of slip will make you look classy and well-groomed.

Buy slips online from Kaymu

Take a good look at yourself in the mirror once you get dressed. If you are able to see the panty lines or your thighs or other body parts that you want to keep safe from the eye of general public, then you must quickly wear a slip. You must always have a nude and a black skip in your closet so that these can be worn with any colour or type of outfit. You can buy these women slips online from Kaymu where these are available in different materials.

Apart from being available in varying lengths and colours at Kaymu, women slips are also offered at affordable prices in Nepal. The price however is based on the fabric of the slip. Cotton slips are pf lesser price than silk slips. These women slips in Nepal can be worn by women of all sizes and age.

Types of slips available for women

Based on their designs and features, women slips are manufactured in different styles. Here are some of the commonly worn slips by women.

Full slips

These slips cover your body from the shoulder to the knees. These are the long slips for dresses and can also be used as nightgowns. These slips have adjustable straps so that you can change the neckline of these slips according to the neckline of your outfit. Some of these slips are strapless, to be worn with strapless dresses while some are bra slips, which are the slips containing built-in bras. These slips are quite versatile in style.


These slips cover your body from the waist down. Half-slips for dresses are ideal under the skirts and a top to conceal your legs and undergarments. These slips can be paired with camisoles to cover the top. These are cooler garments than full slips.

Shapewear slips

These ladies slips add to your body shape to provide a perfect look to your body. Often there are body hugging clothes in which your waist or your bottoms are hanging down in a shapeless way. These slips provide support to these body parts and keep them stretched. These dress slips are often adjustable and just worn to give you a better outlook.

Slip fabrics and designs

Dress slips are available in varying fabrics. Cotton is the most common slip worn under many dresses. To give yourself a luxurious feeling, you can wear silk or satin slips with lace or other decorative embellishments on it. This will add to your sex appeal and feminine beauty.