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Stylish and comfortable slippers for women at Kaymu Nepal

Women slippers in Nepal have always been in great demand. Not only do these provide comfort, they are very useful when it comes to casual gatherings. Many of the famous brands around the world such as Adidas, Nike, Reebok and others produce some of the best quality slippers. Kaymu is offering the largest collection along with the lowest women slippers prices in Nepal to our wide customer base.

Types of Slippers for women

When you buy women slippers online, you can find a number of styles that suit your needs. There are multiple color options and patterns available on them and each category has different designs.


In the world of slippers for women, Flip-Flops are of the most common kind. These can be worn indoors for home usage while people can wear them outside as well on hot summer days. Flip-Flops are made purely from rubber and can be worn for long period of times. The best part is that they are water proof and are hygienic to wear in the shower or any other place.

Loafers and Slip-Ons

The Loafers and Slip-On designs are some of the stylish slipper for ladies. These are slightly classic and vintage but many women still prefer to wear them. Sometimes they are made from quilted fabric and are lined form the inside. Some of them are made from wool that give the feeling of socks. These are perfect for cold weathers.


Booties work best in the winter season. These provide complete coverage to the foot and sometimes even extend up to the ankle in the form of a small boots. These are made from warm materials with fur lining on the inside to make the feet feel warm.

Scuff and Slides

A scuff is the type of slipper that has a closed toe and an open back. You can easily wear them at home or outside as they are comfortable to wear. The front is closed to protect the toes from a number of things throughout the day. A slide is much like the scuff, the only difference is that it has a strap on the top part that gives an additional level of grip to the foot of the wearer.

Materials used for Slippers

When the making of slippers is done, there are a number of materials used. These primarily depend on the weather they are used for and the comfort level they provide.

The most common material used for the summer season is of rubber. It is the most convenient and the popular one there is. It can be used in water along with a number of rough conditions. Moreover, it is easy to clean and resistant from many damages that chemicals can cause.

Cloth slippers are manufactured from materials such as canvas, polyester, velour, wool or cotton. Some of these materials have the ability to be washed while others need to be cleaned with a dry or slightly damp cloth.