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If you want to have a comfortable and peaceful night's sleep, you need to buy the right sleepwear clothes for yourself. This is an essential item in your wardrobe no matter what the season is. Some women may like sexy sleepwear to ooze out their sex appeal while some may want only a comfortable sleepwear that does not expose their body parts. You can buy women sleep wear online from Kaymu where all the latest collection of numerous brands is available. These are available for women of all ages and sizes. Even the women sleep wear prices in Nepal are quite affordable at Kaymu though they are mostly based on the sleepwear design and quality.

Women sleepwear in Nepal is available in a huge variety. Different sleepwear depicts your mood as well as your personality. Stylish sleepwear will not only boost your confidence but also add to your style statement.

Types of popular women sleepwear

There is no particular time to look good and fashionable. You can also do so while going to sleep in a beautiful and trendy Nightwear.


A nightgown may be sexy or sober, based on its style and design. Fashionable nightgowns are made of silks and satins to give you a luxurious feeling. The neckline varies in style and so does the length of the nightgown. Some women prefer the full length gowns while some may like them short, up to the knees or thighs. It is ideal to wear during a long, romantic night.

Pajama sets:

This is the most comfortable and modest nightwear for women. These are two piece night suits having a shirt and the pajama. The pair may be matching or separate. Both the shirt and the pajama is slightly lose and made of breathable material. There are various patterns made on them. A shirt may be buttons down or without the buttons. The shape of the neck also varies.


This is a luxurious one piece nightwear that exposes your body parts. This sleeping dress for women is ideal for a wild night. It has adjustable straps, cuts, and the right style to give you a hot, wild look. Women can buy them to wear on their wedding night. These are smaller in size and accentuate your curves.


A gown-like garment, chemise is lose in fitting and shape. It has straps to support your busts. These sleeping suits for women often have lace and trims attached to them to add to their appeal and style. These usually have short length, reaching the mid thighs.

Things to look for when buy a nightwear

Material: There are different materials used to make a nightwear. For a sexy nightwear, you must buy something in silk, net, etc. If you want something plain, look for cotton and cotton blends.

Length: The length of nightwear is your personal preference. Some may like the full length and fully-covered nightwear while others may like short and sexy nightwear that exposes their body.

Design: These are styled in different designs. They have embellishments including bows, buttons, laces, etc.