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Stylish Shrugs to have in your wardrobe at Kaymu Nepal

Shrugs for ladies are an absolute necessity in every woman's wardrobe. These pieces of clothing can be worn in any type of season or for every type of event there is. The Shrug is a short cardigan shaped garment that can either have short or full sleeves depending on the preference of the wearer. The best way to wear them is on top of any outfit such as dresses, tank tops, shirts or crop tops. These add a complete layer to the clothing that you have on.

Kaymu Nepal is here to offer you a range of different shrug styles and materials for women. Moreover, you can easily find the lowest shrugs prices in Nepal right here.

Benefits of wearing Shrugs for women

Women shrugs in Nepal are not only used for style statement purposes, there are a number of other features present as well. Shrugs are known to add a pop of color to your whole wardrobe. Your dress might be in a solid black color and opting for a red shrug could make your whole outfit look great.

Women Shrugs are also known to provide an additional level of warmth that is needed in different seasons. The best part about these is they do not give a bulky look to the wearer with these. Thin material shrugs can be worn in the spring and summers and thick material ones can be worn in the winter season. The shrugs prices in Nepal vary for these according to the material.

Many times there are certain outfits that women want to wear but they are not conservative enough to be worn in the open but with a shrug you can do that. Many women buy shrugs online to wear them on top of different clothing that they would not normally wear.

Types of Shrugs

Even though the basic look of the shrug is the same, there are different varieties present for them along with various prices of ladies shrugs. Each one is known to pull off a different look. All types of shrugs come in short sleeves, three-quarter sleeves or full-length sleeves.

Cropped Shrug:

A cropped shrug comes in the shortest length of all types. This style is known to end near the armpit region of the wearer or a few inches below. This is mostly worn to provide coverage.

Shawl Shrug:

The shawl shrug style has a larger structure present along with more material used as it covers the body in the shape of a shawl. The difference between the shrug and the shawl is that this type has sleeves present.

Tie-Off Shrug:

The Tie-Off shrug is one of the most stylish ones there is. It comes with two strips of material present at the bottom that can be tied together in the form of a bow or a knot at the torso region of the wearer.

Drape Shrug:

The drape shrug is of the longest length in all types of women shrugs. It falls below the normal length and is known to add volume and flow to the whole look.