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Even though heels on women look very fashionable, but you cannot wear them all the time as its long term effects on body posture are harmful. For every day visits to the mall, school and grocery store you need something that is more comfortable and close to the ground, flats. Flat shoes come in the form of ladies sandals for the summer and ladies pumps or boots in the winter.

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Stiletto shoes are shoes with a heel shaped like a pencil. They give a sharp and edgy feel. Strappy stiletto shoes for women can never go out of fashion for formal affairs. This is shoe of the lady as you can wear the same shoe for years and still look super stylish. Stiletto high heels shoes cannot be worn without practice. It requires years of practice before you can master the art of wearing these shoes comfortably. These heels are pencil thin and require rhythm and balance when worn. If you are wearing a long flowing gown with it, then there is a change that you might tangle the shoe with your clothes so we suggest that you practice wearing the stiletto heel before the main event. Shoes with block heel have a much wider base compared to a stiletto. They are the most comfortable sort of heel shoes that you will be able to find. The base of the heel may vary but generally it does not go too thin. The wider base allows for a firmer grip and even balance of the body. When wearing heels it is very important to look and feel comfortable and with the block heel you are able to do just that. The block heels come in various heights ranging from an inch to almost six inches. The taller block heel can be worn out to parties but the shorter ones are preferred for ladies who work in offices. They give you the sophistication of a heel and the comfort of a flat all at the same time.

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Like the heel the toes of women's shoes in Nepal also come are various designs. Sometimes one style is in fashion and then after every few years the cycle reverses. Peep toe shoes are any shoes (heel or flat) with a cut out at the tip of the shoe, such that the top of the thumb and index finger is visible. This is a very feminine style of shoes and was popularly worn by ladies in the sixties. The pointed toe shoes for women are shoes with a closed triangular front with a pointy toe. This style looks great on a classic leather pump with mid-heel. Our favorite colors for such ladies sneakers are black, red and white. Round pumps are also a good everyday shoe style which is most popular is flat ballerina pumps. The round tow often comes with a bow or some sort of broach in the center.