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Women's Shawls Shopping Online in Nepal - (2 products found)

Purchase Stylish Shawls for Women Online at Kaymu

Shawl is a piece of material that is wrapped around the body. These are either triangular, square or rectangular shaped and come in different sizes. Shawls have been worn by women and men for many years. In the present day it is used as a fashion accessory in winters. Women shawls in Nepal are very popular because of their excellence in quality and durability. There are different materials from which shawls are made in which the shoppers can get according to their choice. Also there are different ways in which men and women wear shawls. Women shawls prices in Nepal are determined by the type of material you get the shawl in. Some materials are very expensive because of their softness and durability.

Guide for Buying Shawls

When you decide to buy women shawls online, there are some factors that you must take in consideration. Following are the types of shawls you can get made from different materials and styles of shawls you can purchase. Keep these factors in mind when you are buying shawls from Kaymu.

Shawl Style

There are different styles of shawls & mufllers from which you can select the shape. Buyers can select from normal shawls, hats, scarves, front drape, shrugs and wraps. One can easily try on different types of shawls to purchase the perfect one for themselves.

Shawl Material

There are different materials from which shawls are made in which you can get according to your choice.


This is a lightweight material which is made from wool. This material is made from a specific breed of goat which makes it very luxurious. Wool shawls for women are a great option because this delicate material looks great with every type of clothing. There are thousands of colors you can select from which white, grey and brown are very popular. These can easily be dyed according to your preference.


Silk is a very soft material which is made from special cocoons of silkworms. This give the shawl a sheen which looks extremely classy. Silk shawls are usually worn formally because the fall of these is very sophisticated.



This is one of the oldest materials in the world from which people can make clothing items and what not. When it comes to buying linen shawls, these look very good with casual dressing. Though the fabric can easily crease but still it has a smooth sheen.


Cotton is one of the lightest material which work well in summers. Cotton shawls can be used for everyday usage. There are thousands of colors you can get in cotton shawls and even patterns according to your preference.


As mentioned earlier, there are different colors of shawls you can get in all the mentioned styles. For summers go for light materials in bright colors. For winters you can go for neutral colors which look extremely good. So go ahead and grab all types of shawls online at Kaymu on affordable prices at Kaymu!