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Saree is basically a traditional Indian dress however, in Nepal; it has gained tremendous popularity because of the cultural influence of Indian dressing. Since India is a neighbor enriched with world renowned celebrities posing traditional Indian dressing, Sarees for women has gained massive response from nepali women as lavish addition in womens fashion. In fact, saree has become a very popular part of their wardrobe as a formal wear. Saree is a very classy dress and it has a special way of carrying for which it is much cherished by women. The trend of women sarees in Nepal has taken place among women of all age groups as more beautifully designed sarees have been introduced in the market. There are different styles of wearing a saree as well not just that they have unique and eccentric saree designs but also have distinct style of wearing. However, whichever the style you adopt, saree is the most adorned and fashionable clothing for women for formal and casual occasions.

Women Saree- Party Wear, Designer Wear or Casual Wear

There is a huge variety of sarees that fall in our category of womens dresses. The most popular and also a bit expensive are the designer sarees since they come from the famous Indian designer brands like Manish Malhotra sarees are the most chic type of sarees mostly loved by young girls and women. Other than these there are formal sarees for special occasions like wedding sarees for the bride or any girl attending the wedding. These formal sarees are made of elegant and classic embroidery or beaded with special stones making these sarees a flattering piece of attraction for ladies.

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Apart from unique and sensuous saree designs there are plenty of ways to wear a saree like there is Gujrati style, Bengali Style, Rajasthani Style, Maharashtram style or Lehnga saree. The lehnga style saree is quite popular among young ladies as it is much easy to wear and does not require making pleats. Otherwise, one can simply choose any style of saree according to own choice or how stylish one looks in a particular style. Plus! You can also go through our selection of ladies blouses to find one that blends seamlessly with your overall dressing.

Types Of Nepali Saree Fabrics Available Online

There is an excessive range of materials being used for ladies sarees in Nepal. There are silk Indian sarees that are lavishly worn by elder women mostly. There are chiffon sarees that are very famous in young women and girls for parties and formal wear. Banarsi sarees have special place in women wardrobe as they have distinct class. Other fashionable sarees include net sarees, velvet sarees, Jorjet saree etc.

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Women in Nepal are very fond of Indian Sarees collection especially by their famous designers. Therefore, they are in huge demand and are available in excessive variety at online stores such as Kaymu. You can find all types of latest saree designs and also in different colors ranging from exotic pink to serene green. Whether you want to gift someone or you want to buy for yourself, you can easily shop online for women sarees at discount prices. Furthermore, you can also go through our selection of ladies shoes to find a pair that matches your saree to make you standout in your occasion.