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Women's sandals have been among the most popular types of shoes around the world. They are available for women of all age groups for all seasons however they are mostly used in summers because of their open and comfortable style. Since the sandals do not require you wearing socks, they are the easiest shoes to put on and take off. The breath ability offered by sandals to your shoes is what makes them the chosen shoe type. Kaymu being the largest online marketplace for women's shoes in Nepal offers the widest variety of sandals for women to help you making the best out of your shoe shopping.

Types of Sandals Available Online at Kaymu

Kaymu's online shopping community offers the widest range of women's sandals in Nepal. Whether you are looking for locally manufactured sandals or you are brand-conscious, there are sandals from Aerowalk, Zara, Reebok, Nicola, H&M and many more world's renowned shoe brands available at Kaymu.

Flip-flop/Thong Sandals:

These are suitable for both, indoor as well as outdoor usage. The flip-flop or thong sandals come with straps in Y shape that attach to the first and the second toe. The flip-flops are available in wedge, ergonomic, flat sole and many other styles, each suitable for a different person. Thong ladies sandals are also available with many embellishments such as beaded sandals, two-toned sandals, metallic colors, painted sandals and many more.

Slide/Slip-on Sandals:

The slide sandals also known as the slip-on sandals are manufactured for both indoor and outdoor use, depending on the material used and the design of each sandal. The slip-on sandals in Nepal vary in terms of designs and are often custom made to suit special needs. The leading brands like Aerowalk and Nicola also manufacture world class slip-on sandals and are available at Kaymu Nepal. The straps, buckles and materials are the things that vary with different slip-on sandals. They can also be very simple or very stylish.

Wedge Sandals:

The wedge sandals are good for indoor and outdoor wearing, however it depends, once again on the material used in their manufacturing. Some materials are prone to damage in outdoor conditions so they must be used indoors. The height of wedge sandals varies greatly. As the name suggests, these sandals have a solid sole high below the heel. The wedge sandal styles also change quite much. The leading shoe brands such as Forever21 and Flite offer premium quality wedge sandals in Nepal at low prices.

Sling-back Sandals:

The sling-back sandals are great choice for indoor and outdoor wearing, once again depending on the material used. A piece of these sandals goes around the heel. The sling-back sandals come with wedge as well as flat heels. Some of them also come with buckles for providing the perfect grip. These shoes for women in Nepal can be bought in different colors, with different fabrics and materials for casual as well as dressy occasions.

Flat Sandals:

The flat sandals, as their name suggests come with a thin and flat sole that is good for indoor as well as outdoor wearing. This type of sandals are available many different styles, design patterns and colors to suit different requirements. The flat sandals may be worn at casual as well as dressy occasions for making a statement.