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A good footwear not only enhances a woman's beauty but also adds to her style. A nice pair of shoes which compliment a woman's outfit will not only boost her confidence but also uplift her mood. Pumps are a classic pair of shoes that have varying length of heels. This is a versatile footwear the can be worn with eastern and western type of clothing. You can buy women pumps online from Kaymu which offers them in a huge variety. Latest collection of various brands is offered at Kaymu.

Women pumps shoes have quite affordable prices in Nepal along with being available in an array of colours. These shoes give you an elegant look and will get you the attention you deserve. These shoes will make you look slender and flatter your body.

Types of pumps for women

Pumps shoes for women are a timeless classic footwear that must be present in every woman's wardrobe. These shoes are designed according to the latest fashion trends, so they are available in different styles and designs. Here are some of the common types of pumps for women.

Closed-toe pumps:

These are the shoes which do not expose your toes from the front. These are the most basic and conventional type of pumps. Women need to make sure that their toes are rightly fitted into such shoes.

Peep-toe pumps:

These are the pumps for ladies in which the toenails are visible from the front. The opening of these shoes is fairly small and enables your feet to breathe.

Ankle-strap pumps:

These pumps have straps around the ankle or the feet to provide support to your feet while walking. You need to adjust the straps when slipping your feet in them. The number of straps present in the shoe varies.

Things to look for when buying pumps

Since a number of pumps are available in the market today, you need to closely look at various shoes before deciding which one to buy. Here are some of the important things you need to keep in mind.


The shoe material is of very much importance. Some of the pumps are made of suede. Others are made of leather, plastic, wood or even animal skin. Snake-skin pumps are quite expensive and highly fashionable. The finish of the shoe material needs to be of high quality. Many pumps have glossy, matte finish so you can wear these pumps at offices, etc.

Heel length:

Some pumps have long heels up to 5inches. Others are completely flat. These are called ballet pumps since they are without heels. High heel pumps can be worn formally while ballet pumps can be worn casually. There are also wedges pumps available for women.

Decorative items:

Women pumps in Nepal often have decorative items attached to them. Some pumps have beads, pearls, stones, etc. attached to them while some have flowers, bows, or fancy buckles attached on them. These shoes also have glitter and lace pieces attached to them in different styles.