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Be it a formal occasion or a casual day, necklaces for women, play an important role in structuring any outfit for the day. While diamond necklaces such as the diamond Riviera may be perfect for evenings, for the day you want something that is fun and bright. Kaymu offers a wide variety of necklaces for all sorts of outfits including gold necklaces, pearl necklaces, choker necklaces and diamond necklaces in stylish designs. Not only that you can choose from hundreds of necklace designs available at discount prices.

Choose From Designer Necklaces for Women

With, you can choose and buy stylish necklaces in Nepal including tiniest necklace known as collar necklace. This sits a little below the middle of your neck. Collar necklaces are famous as velvet bands with a center pendant. The chokers are little above the collar bone. They are popularly designed as double beaded pearls with jeweled center pieces or pieces in between. The princess cut necklaces are in line with your armpit, which is a little above your chest. These necklaces are perfect pendant or locket necklaces. Matinee size is common in the Indian polki. It ends near the middle of your chest and are usually heavier than princess or chokers. The medallion style is common in such necklaces. Opera and Lariat necklaces have a more dramatic feel. They are women's fashion necklaces that can go up to your belly. Usually such necklaces are tied around your neck like a rope. These necklaces don't necessarily have a pendant but instead are beaded in different stones and colors.

Different Styles for Different Looks

A chain necklace is a simple necklace with metal links having similar design like most womens bracelets. The links can be of different styles but it does not have any charms or pendants attached to it. Such necklaces are usually worn by men more than women as they are too simple and understated for women. Station necklaces are chain necklaces with a jewel piece incorporated in them at equal intervals. This is a classic design that has been worn by royalty quite often. Pendant necklaces are very common in the woman of today. The weight of the medallion keeps the necklace well balanced. The center bling can also pop out any dull outfit. Lariat necklaces are a fun twist to the otherwise boring necklace. It is an open chain necklace tied like a knots. The knots can vary and you may add ornaments to it. Moreover, lariat style rings for women and gold necklaces for women look super chic and blend seamlessly with every attire. Not only that, you can also buy nepali pote and naugedi from kaymu Nepal at discount prices.

Buying Womens Necklaces Online From Kaymu Nepal

Buying necklaces from kaymu Nepal can help you grab lowest prices in entire collection of nepali jewellery. You can choose from stylish assortments of gold necklaces, silver necklaces, pearl necklaces, choker necklaces, diamond necklaces, choker necklaces, naugedi and nepali pote in lowest prices. Order today your favourite nepali necklaces online and get them delivered in Kathmandu, biratnagar, pokhara, dharan, janakpur and other cities in Nepal with cash on delivery. Have an amazing experience of shopping ladies necklaces online from Kaymu Nepal.