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People wear apparels not only to shield their bodies but also to place best impression on the peers. The choice of styles, hues and patterns define the actual interest of the wearer that is why it is advised to carefully purchase the clothing items. There are variants in attires we wear. Both the upper and lower parts of the body comprise of distinctive garments and similarly both the genders have different sorts of clothing designs. Among numerous goods, leggings and tights are the vibrant parts of women's fashion.

Women's leggings and tights are the tight garments that are fit as well as comprise flexible materials. Previously, leggings were two different attires that were worn separately on the both legs but now the variations of leggings resemble the tights. Some fabrics of leggings allow the ladies to wear them in winter season. While the thin and net materials are finest for all sorts of occasions.

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Legging kinds – the apt attire for chic ladies

Metallic leggings

Metallic leggings encompass the vivid patterns and ornaments of additional metal pieces or glitters. The stretchiness factor in these leggings is bit less than the other materials that is why this piece is best for occasional purposes.

Cargo leggings

Cargo leggings are also called the combat leggings. They resemble the pattern of cargo trousers which are precisely used for military purposes. The colors are usually tan, khaki or variant shades of brown. Multiple pockets, belts and zips make them bit baggy than other types.

Footed leggings

Footed ones are the best leggings for ladies who love to wear enclosed pieces of garments. Due to the inclusion of feet, their designs are quite similar to the hosiery. The material is usually transparent or is very thin which makes them apt for summer season.

Corduroy leggings

The twisted fiber and the parallel lines combine to form corduroy leggings. Corduroy fabric is highly springy and woven with spandex material. The interesting fact is that they are still skin-tight and are available in variety of shades.

Faux leather leggings

The layer of nylon or spandex fabric shielded with faux leather forms faux leather leggings. Apparently this sort of leather looks like leather but it is actually made up of other materials.

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Tights to modishly sheath your body

Ladies tights in Nepal have kinds including footless tights, brightly colored tights, wet look tights and sheer tights. If you love the classy selection for your wardrobe then try fishnet tights. On the other hand, the wet look tights have such finish that makes them look drizzly.