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Traditional Kurtas vs. Modern Kurtas in Nepal

Kurtas for women come in a range of designs and styles. You will be able to find one for every occasion. The traditional kurti is a light weight and loose fit short shirt that has intricately printed patterns on it. The colors used on traditional kurtis for women were very bright such as bottle greens, electric blues, yellow and hot pinks. The kurta shalwar for ladies was more of a traditional look that is still followed immensely. Designer Kurtis have however changed things up a bit. The modern women's kurtas in Nepal can be worn over jeans, tights and even a skirt. It can be dressed up for parties or dressed down for walks around the city.

A Kurti for Every Occasion

There are many types of kurti designs to choose from today. At Kaymu you will find a large variety of embellished kurtis which are perfect for weddings, parties, dinner dates and other festive occasions. These come in bright as well as subdued colors, so choose whatever suits your skin tone. Kurtis with thread work around the neck or printed Kurtis are perfect for casual wear. So if you are working women who needs something new and fresh that is easy on the pocket as well then opt for intricate women's kurta designs in Nepal.

Kurtis for Summer Wardrobe

There is nothing more comfortable and easier to wear at home than a ladies kurta. The length of the kurta for ladies is very practical and functional. A kurti's length is usually 34 inches making it just right piece to be worn while working at home. It is not too long like frocks and not too short that you feel uncomfortable. Kurti tops are made for practical use. Simply slide them on and start with your daily chores. In the summer it gets undeniably hot and one cannot wear anything other than light breathable materials. So shop for kurtis made from lawn or Arabic lawn to survive the scorching heat of 2015.

Colors for Summer

The summer and spring give a really good excuse just to play with colors. Color blocking is such a hot trend this season. In order to balance your wardrobes colors you can study the color wheel. The analogous scheme comprises of three adjacent hues. So if you are buying a kurti it could be red from the front and maroon from the back. The analogous color schemes are often found in nature. They are breezy and harmonious to the eyes. Complementary colors are also going to be a big hit this season. Complementary colors are on the opposite side of the color wheel. These colors give a very vibrant look and they lift the outfit up that is why they have very social and holiday mood in them (red & green for Christmas). Triadic color schemes are three points of color evenly spaced out in the color wheel. This combination should be worn very carefully using one main color as the feature color and the other two colors as accents.

Kaymu has the largest range of ladies kurtas in Nepal to help you making a statement at your upcoming event.