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Women, ever since the advent of human civilization, have been using various forms of jewelry for personal ornamentation. Nepali Jewellery being an integral part of nepali culture and tradition holds a historical importance in terms of womens fashion in nepal. A pivotal driving force used for articulating culture, distinctiveness and fashion, women's jewelry is indeed a work of art. Women's jewelry in Nepal has not only been a symbol of beautification and adornment but it has also enabled women to express themselves nonverbally since ages. From precious gemstones like diamonds, sapphires and rubies to metals like gold, platinum and silver, jewelry has been an icon of fashion and wealth since the advancement of societies and cultures.

The History of Jewelry for Women in Nepal

Jewelry is an integral part of Nepalese culture. It's a part of their attire, spirituality and day to day life. Women in Nepal wear jewelry as a sign of empowerment and strength. Since majority of the population in Nepal is Buddhist, wearing jewelry is considered a way to become closer to God. Wearing ladies bracelets for instance, is said to have a positive impact on the mind and soul. Wearing jewelry is generally considered as good for women in Nepal. And to keep this tradition alive, Kaymu nepal is offering lowest jewellery prices in nepal with additional deals and discounts on festives, seasons and occasions.

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To help the women of Nepal shine bright like a diamond, our sellers at Kaymu, which is the biggest online marketplace in Nepal, have in store, a wide variety of exquisite and affordable nepali jewellery sets to best match their styles and preferences. Since women have an unparalleled love for jewelry, Kaymu offers a vast range of accessories rings, womens earrings and necklaces within your budget to help you achieve that perfect look with the perfect jewelry of your choice. From the sparkling metallic collection to the dazzling diamond and gold imitated exquisite pieces, Kaymu has it all. With the click of a few buttons, your orders are delivered at your doorstep along with the ease and feasibility of our time efficient and excellent cash on delivery service.

Due to the sky high prices of silver, gold and nepali diamond jewelry in Market, women have switched towards more affordable options such as artificial jewelry in nepal. Kaymu Nepal has a wide collection of alluring and charming jewelry pieces in accordance with the style and personalities of the beautiful Nepalese women. We have exclusive and rare jewelry collections from sellers from all over Nepal that cater to the needs of women from young to old. Since the young women of Nepal are fashion enthusiasts, jewelry for young girls is trending up exponentially. rings for women with precious gemstones are one of the most frequently bought jewelry items along with charm bracelets and anklets among the youth. Metallic and wooden earrings are also a popular trend among the young Nepalese girls. It not only makes them look chic but also represents their culture and traditions.

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Middle aged women prefer gold or silver imitated jewelry sets and bangles. It makes them look classy and fashionable at the same time. necklaces for women and pendants are also one of the top trends in women's jewelry in Nepal. No matter what your age or choice in jewelry is, Kaymu provides you with vast variety of jewelry items to choose from. With our free shipping and convenient cash on delivery service, you can buy nepali jewellery online and receive them at your door step. Order stylish nepali jewellery online and receive delivery of your jewellery in kathmandu, lalitpur, pokhara, birganj, biratnagar and other major cities in nepal.