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Jewelry is the most important aspect in defining the culture of South-east Asian countries including Nepal, Bangladesh, India and Pakistan. Women in this part of the world have been wearing different kinds of ornaments as an expression of their identity and feminineness. In Nepal the tradition of wearing folk jewelry still prevails as it means more than just a source of beautification. To the natives of the land, jewelry is the most precious and astounding expression of material culture. Jewelry in Nepal is worn for various purposes such as decorative talismanic, investment etc. Lavish jewelry is mostly worn on special celebrations like a wedding or to keep the ancient traditions alive such as promoting fertility while amulets are worn as an omen to protect from baleful influences. The use of Gold and silver jewelry is abundant among the locals. They come in brilliant designs and are a true work of art. Women in Nepal are fond of enhancing their beauty by wearing traditional and modern jewelry sets. You can find a wide selection of the best quality jewelry sets for women in Nepal online on Kaymu's website.

A Complete Guide to Buying Ladies Jewelry Sets in Nepal

A complete jewelry set consists of earrings, necklaces, a ring and a bracelet. These sets are commonly bought for special occasions such as weddings, bridal parties, baby showers, dinner gathering etc. Fine Jewelry sets are an important part of your entire look and should complement your attire. A jewelry set made up of a durable metal such as gold, silver or platinum can last through years without deteriorating. So the most important factor one should consider before buying a jewelry set is the material of which they are made. Jewelry sets made up of   precious metals and stones such as diamonds, rubies, sapphires, turquoise, and emeralds, are valuable purchases and are often used for the purpose of investments. Paired with the latest fashion, precious and exquisite jewelry sets can take an attire up a notch. They do not only look elegant but are a real attention puller at a party. Jewelry sets are perfect for those women who want to match their earrings with their necklaces. They are generally less expensive as compared to buying each item separately.

Types of Jewelry Sets Available Online

Wedding Jewelry Sets

Wedding Jewelry sets in Nepal are complementary with the bridal dress and are usually made of gold or silver and precious gem stones.

Gold jewelry Sets

Gold Jewelry sets are usually saved for formal occasions.

Silver Jewelry Sets

Silver Jewelry Sets are also quite popular among women as they are perfect for any occasion without overdoing the look.

Artificial Jewelry Sets

Another category of jewelry sets that is gaining huge popularity among women is the artificial jewelry sets. These artificial jewelry sets in Nepal are an affordable substitute of Silver and Gold jewelry sets and are perfect for those who want to match their jewelry with their outfits.

Jewelry Sets for Women Available Online at Kaymu

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