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Hats for Women – The newest trend in Nepal

Women’s hats in Nepal have always been a fashion trend. Some women wear these to add a layer of style to their whole look while some ladies wear them to protect themselves from the sun. There are multiple styles and materials used when it comes to women’s hat fashion & trends. When buying these, always remember to check the style, the shape of your head and the materials used to get the perfect fit.

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Materials used in hats for women

There are a wide range of materials used in summer headbands & winter hats for women’s. Each one provides a different look and can be used for a number of occasions.


Cotton is one of the widely used materials when it comes to hats for women. These are perfect to wear in the summer, spring and autumn seasons because they are light in weight and give the required amount of air that you would need.


Wool is made from the hair of sheep and is therefore highly warm. Moreover, it is very soft to touch and hats made by this are considered to be highly flexible. Women beanies are usually made from this material as they keep the head warm along with not causing any type of allergy.


This is a strong metal type that is best for beach wear or for hats that are made for entertainment purposes. The best part is that in terms of women hat prices, these are quite cheap along with being highly colorfast. Moreover, in almost all of the hats, there is some part of acrylic used.


This is the most commonly used material when it comes to mesh hats. This is made from synthetic polymers which make it a very comfortable wear for a number of women. These are very soft in nature and can be worn at any time.


Straw hats are for the bold ladies. These are large in size and generally support the colors of beige, brown, black or blue. This material is used in either fedora or sun hats and is the perfect one to wear when you are outside or soaking up some sunrays.

Hat Styles for Various Face Shapes

The style of the hat can vary accordingly to the face shape of the lady wearing it. The wrong hat can make the whole look out of place. So always buy according to the shape of your face.

Oval face shapes enjoy the option of wearing any type of hat but the best ones to suit them are ones that have a brim. Round face shapes should go with hats that have an irregular brim and a prominent crown. Rectangle face shaped ladies should buy hats that have full and uplifted brims along with avoiding high crowns.