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Women's Glasses Shopping Online in Nepal - (12 products found)

Buy trendy women’s glasses in Nepal

Women have always been known to worry about their look. To make sure that they’re carrying it well, they go to extreme measures. Accessorizing is an important part of dressing up for every woman. Sunglasses play an important role in a daily ensemble. Women glasses in Nepal can be bought at Kaymu. The website offers a great platform to buy women glasses online. Kaymu offers great discounts and so the women glasses prices in Nepal are very affordable.

Glasses for Everyone

Everyone has different facial features and so there are different shapes for glasses. Eyeglasses for ladies include shapes like aviators, wayfarers, cat eyes, round and wrap. All of these shapes suit different face types. Like if you have a long and narrow face, wrap sunglasses will suit you best. Suggestions aside, everyone has a personal style and can know which sunglasses for women suit them best.

Kaymu offers a range of prescription sunglasses as well. The lens can be changed by an optician according to the aperture. Eyeglass frames are also available on the website. Trendy people who like updating their look will definitely benefit from this. Brands like Gucci and Dior offer these frames with the latest fashion styles.

What to look for in Sunglasses


The shape is not only important for fashion aspects but also for protection. Different shapes cover your eye area in different ways. This can help protect the eyes from the sun’s ultraviolet radiations. Sports wear glasses are specifically designed for this purpose. The shape of the glasses should flatter the face type. And so it is wise idea to spend time deciding which shape you want.


How your glasses fit to your facial features is very important. This not only determines how you will look wearing them. But also determines how comfortable you are in carrying your sunglasses around. A good fit will ensure more stability and elegance. The center of the lens should line up with the center of your eyes. This will block light from coming through and give a better fit.


Most glasses are made of plastic. The frame as well as the lenses. But it is important for you to check what kind of plastic that is. Because stronger plastics are less likely to shatter or break. There are varieties of scratch free plastic available too but that comes a higher cost. Mostly polycarbonate plastic is used in glasses for ladies. It is both lightweight and durable which makes it a good choice.


Women glasses come in different colors. These colors are known as tints. Tints filter light differently than normal lenses. If you want less color distortion, you should go for grey tinted lenses. If you want less glare and blue light, amber and brown lenses are the right choices for you. There is another kind where the lenses are darker at the top and eventually fade till the bottom of the lens. These are called gradient lenses. These block sunlight very well and don’t darken the overall view.

Browse through the range of sunglasses available at Kaymu and order away by considering the above features.