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Women's Flip-Flops Shopping Online in Nepal - (10 products found)

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There is no doubt about the fact that flip flops are the kind of shoes that have been around for thousands of years. There is a wide range of flip flop designs to pick out from, depending on what your personalized footwear requirements. The flip flop styles may vary in accordance with the different regions of the world. If you are seeking flip flops for women in Nepal, you need worrying no more since Kaymu is the largest online marketplace in Nepal for purchase of all kinds of footwear. The different styles of women’s shoes available in Nepal are mentioned below. Please continue reading Kaymu’s guide to buy women flip flops online in Nepal.

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Women's flip flops come in many different styles and colors. Summer slippers look pretty with a favorite dress or flowing skirt when the weather is at its hottest. Flip flops are great for sliding on before and after exercise, or just for casual everyday use. Ladies flip flops can be sparkly, decorated with flowers, or textured for a added bit of glamour. For work, add a pair of thongs or flip flops with a small heel or wedge to create a smart look thats easy to wear and right on trend. If you're after bedroom flipflops, then choose a soft-bottomed fabric pair that are comfy and go well with lounge-wear.

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There is nothing easier to wear than a pair of women's flip flops from Kaymu. There are styles from the biggest shoes brands on offer at the best prices. Ladies flip flops slide on quickly and are really comfortable to wear all day, and all night too. Pair platform thongs with a party dress and you're ready for a great night out. Classic flip flops with a pair of shorts for a laid-back beach look. A maxi dress with a classic pair of black flip flops will take your from a nice lunch to a casual evening affair. Flip flops are a must-have for every woman's wardrobe.


These are among the most commonly worn casual footwear around the world. Thongs are the kind of flip flops that are the most common design of the sandal especially among the women. The thongs comprise two straps that connect to either side of the sole and extend out and attach near the front of the shoe just between the second and big toes. The straps of thongs are usually thinner than those of other flip flops.


There is a wide range of flip flops that are manufactured especially for ensuring an extra deal of comfort for the wearer’s feet. The comfort flip flops give a great level of stability and support to the feet. These shoes often have extremely soft footbeds. The best thing about comfort flip flops is that they are shaped especially to fit the curves of feet. In order to ensure maximum support, these shoes have extra-wide straps. If you want to ensure longstanding support from your footwear, the comfort flip flops should be your primary requirement. You can get the best comfort ladies flip flop prices in Nepal at Kaymu’s online marketplace.


Since the contemporary design means living or occurring at the same time, the style of these flip flops depends on what the latest footwear design trend is. The flip flops continue to evolve every year with new colors and textures being introduced every year. There are also modern ladies flip flops in Nepal that have been designed and manufactured especially for those people who want to store their valuable items like cash or credit cards at a place where nobody can steal from them. These shoes have storage space in their insoles storing the cash, credit cards or any other documents in a folded form.

Zori Style

This style of flip flops was designed in 1940s during the Second World War by the Japanese. The zori style flip flops were originally made out of rice and straw for the women to use as a casual footwear at home. The zori style flip flops usually have a sole made out of rubber and they are wider than any other styles. There are many zori style shoes for women that are handmade and are designed by making use of artificial flowers.