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The basic goal of eyewear is to protect your eyes. However, protecting them with style is the major problem. Being important from health point of view, eyewear today, is considered an important fashion accessory. And it's not just about the vision. It is about sun protection, glare reduction, barrier protection and eyestrain reduction as well. A good pair of eyewear, whether designer or non-designer is extremely important since it changes the complete outlook of a person. You can buy the latest collection of women eyewear in Nepal from online portals like Kaymu which offers a wide range of these products from top-notch brands including Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Police, Rayban, etc. 

Get women's prescription eyewear

Suitability is the main concern of women, when buying a pair of glasses. There are so many options available in the market so it gets difficult to choose the right eyeglass frame. When buying prescription glasses, you need to take into account specific eyewear instructions including lens thickness ad frame depth. Since these glasses are for vision, you can't take much risk with them. The prescription eyewear is not just available in optic glasses but also in sunglasses. The style and shape of these frames is diverse so the best and durable collection of eyewear is available at any eyewear online shop in Nepal.

Latest collection of designer sunglasses for you

As the name implies, sunglasses are worn by women to prevent their eyes from excessive heat radiation. Today, fashionable sunglasses introduced by high-quality brands add to the style statement of a woman. The perfect pair of sunglasses is one which suits your face and compliments your personality. You must buy a pair according to your face cuts and shape. Whenever going outdoors, wear the pair of ladies sunglasses that match with your outfit. There are different styles of sunglasses for different occasions, including sporty, retro, vintage style, etc.

Things to look for when buying the perfect pair of eyewear

Take into account numerous features and designs before selecting a pair of eyewear. Eyewear is something you don't frequently change so make sure the pair you buy is perfect in every sense.

1- Select the design of the sunglasses based on your face shape. Cats eye suits on oval faces while rectangular faces must wear wrap-around eyewear. Geometric styles of sunglasses are best for round faces.

2- Decide which style of sunglasses for women you want. The styles include aviator, cat's eye. Wrap-around, d-frame, and geometric shapes. Each of the style is unique and has different sets on features.

3- Carefully look at the eyewear dimensions. Determine the lens width, bridge width and temple size. The frame size should fit perfectly on your face and cover the entire area around the eyes.

4- Based on your usage, determine the frame material. It is either metal or plastic. Also select the frame colour and design.

5- Lens material and technology must also be taken into account. Optical, acrylic, or polycarbonate, the lens also have an option of getting tints. For light adjustments, decide whether the lens should be polarized or gradient.