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One of the most understated accessories in a women's outfit are the earrings. This is one piece can be found in almost all jewellery sets sold in the markets. You can wear earrings repeatedly with multiple outfits and no one will even notice yet it will give you that extra bling. Earrings for women have played an important role in dressing up for various occasions. Women wear not only wear jewelry on festive occasions but also on regular every day basis. They like to dress up and look good as it gives them self-confidence. When adding accessories to complete an outfit, the trick should always be to balance it out. So if you have a busy print on clothes pair it with nude shoes and some basic gold studs. If you have a bright pop of solid red color pearl earrings can help you do some color blocking. On the other hand if you have a rather simple plain black dress chandelier shapes gold earrings for women will really stand out. Just make sure you aren't putting on heavy earrings with heavy necklace and flashy clothes.

Buy Right Earrings For Your Face Shape

With the convenience of kaymu, you can choose from different types of earrings from assortment of nepali jewellery to match your facial shape. This does not mean that you confine yourself to one shape it just means that some might suit your more than others and it can be that you pull of a contrasting shape just as well. For ladies with square cut faces the perfect earing shape is round. The size of the hoop depends on the person wearing them, but you can go bold with bigger hoops or slightly smaller ones for everyday use. Heart face cut is wider from the top and pointy at the end. Chandelier earrings give such face cuts the right volume around the chin. They have all this space around the neck which can be filled with beautiful earrings which are chandelier shaped. Oval face cuts are balanced throughout so they can play around the shape on the earring. Usually a pear shaped or drop earrings compliment such faces.

Types of Earrings for Different Occasions

To add a little bit of sparkle to your everyday office attire diamond earrings for women are probably your best investment. These earrings are a little heavy on the pocket but considering that it is a onetime investment and their use, it is totally worth it. If you cannot afford real diamond earrings just as yet then cheaper knock off are also available. A fine quality of zircon and even glass diamante can blend seamlessly with any all sorts of women's dresses. However you don't feel like wearing the same earring everywhere. Sometimes you want to spice things up for festive occasions. There are many options for earrings in Nepal that can really make an outfit come together. The famous Nepali gold earrings are known for their ethnic glamor and fit perfectly with traditional outfits. Again, on Kaymu, you will be able to find a variety of affordable earrings in this category as well.