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Ladies clutches and Handbags are an essential accessory for women to carry some of the daily use items in them. These handbags come in varying designs and styles. These are produced for different occasions so that they women can carry them with their favorite designer dresses. Clutches are a category of handbags but are smaller in size and have certain features that make them different from the conventional handbags. A fashionable clutch boosts a woman’s confidence and enhance her style statement.

You can buy women clutches online from Kaymu which offers the latest collection of these products offered by renowned brands. These are both durable and reliable. Women clutches prices in Nepal are quite affordable at Kaymu but mostly depend on the design and quality, so that they are accessible to a wide range of customers.

Choose From Types of Womens Clutches

Being available in a variety of designs and patterns, women clutches bags in Nepal are used by women at parties, get together, hangouts, etc. These are available in two different styles; formal and casual.

Formal clutches

Whether you have to attend a wedding, a formal dinner, or some business event, clutches are used as an accessory for women instead of a handbag. These are styles according to the occasion. For weddings, the clutches are available in colours like gold, silver, copper, etc. and have a number of embellishments on them. Some have beads, pearls, or colourful stones, while some have intricate patterns made on them for appeal. For other events, these may be available in bold colours and the handle of the clutch is often jeweled or fashionably designed. They may be plain or glittery.

Causal clutches

The material of these clutches is best for everyday use so that it can be long-lasting and sustain after wear and tear. You can use clutch bags for storing important items and place them inside your handbags. These have different graphics on them or some beads for a bit décor. Many of them have zips on them for keeping the items secure. These clutch bags for women’s’ wardrobe are a staple accessory.

Features of women clutches

1- Size

The size of a clutch is smaller than a handbag. It is used to store only the necessary items. Some clutches are just palm size while some are large enough to be held in both hands.

2- Shape

They have different types of shapes. Some are rectangular in shape so that they allow more space. Others are simply soap-shaped and have very little space in them. Many of the clutches today are being available in different shapes.

3- Capacity

There is not much capacity in a clutch to organize and store a lot of things like a handbag. Some are small enough to inly store 2-3 items in them. You cannot even put your cell phone in some of them. Others are big enough to act as wallets. You can store monetary cards, currency, small cosmetics, etc. in them.

4- Security

Some have zips in them while some have buttons that do not allow the items to fall out even when you slightly tip the clutch. These women clutches online shopping can be done from Kaymu.