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Ladies boots have always been one of the hottest sold shoe items around the world. In fact, for a majority of women around the world, putting on an awesome pair of boots is the primary and most important reason to go out and spend time with loved ones. Some women find a branded pair of boots for women, the reason for looking forward to transitioning from summer to fall. Although it really gets tough to wear boots in the warmer seasons yet many women wear them even in the summers. The beautiful boots that make up the integral part of a woman's wardrobe are available at the number 1 online marketplace of Nepal. Kaymu's online marketplace offers the largest variety of women's boots in Nepal manufactured by the world's leading shoe brands. The different types of ladies boots available at Kaymu Nepal are those you need to have in your closet at any given time. From the classic riding boot to an über-feminine stiletto, sellers at Kaymu have all of them in stock.

Riding Boots

The riding boots, as their name suggests were made especially for the horse riders however today they have transformed into a fashion icon. These equestrian-inspired classics are the must-have item for your wardrobe. Pairing riding boots with skinny jeans is an awesome idea!

Rain Boots

The rain boots are must-have wardrobe item as you never know when it starts raining and you need to go out. The rain boots help keeping your feet dry and walking in the rain without a hassle. These ladies leather boots keep your outlook sunny and among the top chosen shoe type. The rain boots for women can be bought at Kaymu with all colors or patterns. Buy these waterproof wellies at low prices via Kaymu today.

Thigh-High Boots

As the name clearly suggests, the thigh-high boots for women are statement boots that reach up above the knees just below the start of thighs. They not only provide elegance and style but also help protecting the entire leg from any possible harm. The thigh-high boots are available with low heel as well as high heel designs at Kaymu's online shopping community. Women usually pair these shoes with leggings, miniskirts or tights.

High-Heel Boots

The high-heel boots for women, as the name suggests, come with higher heels. These can be dressed up, dressed down or dressed in any other way that suits your comfort. The high-heel boots are available with tall as well as ankle styles as per your preference. Leading boot manufacturers such as Forever21 and many more produce high-heel boots.

Low-Heel Boots

The low heel boots come with shorter heels and are good for tall women. The fashionable low-heel boots are available at Kaymu. You can get the best women's shoes prices in Nepal at Kaymu.

Wedge Boots

The wedge boots are available at Kaymu's online marketplace in many different colors and designs. These big-style boots provide great comfort and are foot-friendly. The wedge boots with platform on front as easiest to wear on and take off.

Faux-Fur Boots

The faux fur boots are made especially for places with colder climate. They are also worn all over the world during the winter season. Although these boots are not made of real fur, yet they are very warm.