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Windows phone are the latest trend right now. This is the new Microsoft Windows phone in replacement to the old version. These phones are different from the rest because they are the direct competitors of the Android software which is present in Samsung Smartphones and the iOS software present in Apple's iPhones.

The Microsoft windows phone is known to have the highest level of specifications along with the looks to match. If you are looking to buy the new Windows phone in Nepal, then you are at the right place. We have the latest windows phones in Nepal available with us with all the specifications you need. Moreover, we are the best place to buy windows phones at lowest prices in Nepal because we aim to please our customers.

How to Buy Windows Phones Online in Nepal

There are a number of things that you need to keep in mind when you intend to buy your Nokia windows phone. Each and every element is very important for you to make the perfect decision.

The first thing to look at are the specifications of the Windows phone. The most important thing here is the processor of the phone and what is the speed that it provides. The higher the processing speed, the better the phone is. The next thing to keep in mind is the RAM and the storage space that the phone possesses. The Windows phones come from 8GB to 64GB of memory space for the varied needs of different buyers. All these phones are GSM enabled and the latest ones support the options of 4G as well. These phone models have cameras for front and back in varied megapixel ranges and these provide superior picture quality to people to enjoy from. All of the phones come with high quality mp3 players that offer amazing listening experience. Many of the features here are superior to that of Android phones and other Smartphones.

The next thing to consider is the look of the whole phone. The Windows phones generally offer high resolution along with a large screen size. All these devices are touch screen to enable better functioning and have a good haptic experience. They come in the size that make them easy and comfortable to handle and use. Along with all these, they have sleek designs that make them a breeze to use.

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