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Wedges have been one of the most popular types of shoes for women all over the world. Every woman wants to have a pair of wedges in her closet, which is why wedges in Nepal are always high in demand. The best thing about wedges is that they help short women appear longer without having to worry about the risks involved in pencil heels and other types of heeled shoes. So, unlike typical high heels, the wedges are safer and are approved by doctors as well. This kind of shoes has been around for many decades already and are manufactured in many different styles in the modern day. Please read below to know about the types of women's wedges available in Nepal.

Wedge Sandals:  As the name suggest, the sandals with wedged soles are known as wedge sandals. They are usually made out of jute, cork or canvas. The wedge sandals come with heels in many different sizes and heights to fit various events & occasions. In fact, they are wearable in many different occasions to fit various needs.

Wedge Boots:  The wedge shoes for women are usually worn in summer however the special wedge boots are made to be worn in winters. The boot-type wedges are made just like boots, the only difference being their soles that are wedged. The wedge boots help adding height while keeping the feet fully covered and secured. The long, medium and short wedge boots are available at Kaymu to match different footwear needs.

Wedge Pumps:  You must have seen and used traditional pumps however when it comes to ladies wedges in Nepal, you can also find wedge pumps to complement your clothing. The wedge pumps are known as far more comfortable and practicable than the regular pumps. They are stylish and are ideally worn in professional as well as casual settings.

Things to Consider When Buying Wedge Shoes for Women

While you buy wedges, there are a few preferences that vary from person to person.

Color: The wedges come in a wide variety of colors. When a woman goes to buy wedges, her primary preference is to buy a pair of shoes that goes well with majority of her outfits. This is where a neutral color like black, navy blue, brown or white would do the job. Moreover, to make a statement it would be the best idea to opt for lighter shades.

Width & Height of Heel: The wedges in Nepal come in many different heel widths. The women with thinner calves should ideally purchase shoes with a daintier wedge. Moreover, when it comes to the height, wedges vary in this regard too. The height usually depends on the occasion and about personal preference of each woman. When shopping for wedges, height and width should be chosen in accordance with personal ease and comfort. Opting for a trendy shoe that later becomes the reason for your feet to compromise is never going to be a great idea.