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A wall clocks in Nepal is considered to be a necessity. Not only does it perform the basic feature of telling the time, it can add to the complete look of the whole room as well. A number of people buy decorative wall clocks as they can complement the theme of the room along with making an area complete.

Some of the latest wall clock ranges by a number of famous brands include a variety of other features such as stop watches, alarms, multiple world clocks and many more. These devices are guaranteed to make your life easier.

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Types of Wall Clocks

When you have to do wall clocks online shopping, the first thing you need to consider is the type of the machine. There are numerous types that can be suited to the setting of the house along with the personal preferences of the buyer.

Pendulum Clock:

The traditional pendulum clocks uses the pendulum as the time regulator. This device swings from side to side and describes the pace of the clock. There is an option present in them to have batteries or to have them wound. The Pendulum clock is considered to be a traditional clock that often comes with decorative casing on them. Pendulum Wall clocks prices in Nepal are generally high when it comes to antique ones.


One of the subcategories in this is the Key-wound pendulum clock. These run using weights and springs that hang on cables and do not require regular winding using a key. They are considered to be highly durable timepieces.

 Quartz Wall Clock:

The Quartz wall clock is taken to be a low-maintenance wall clock that is widely available at Kaymu. These feature the quartz movement present in it. When it comes to the functioning, the quartz crystals send a response to the electrical fields that indicate the time.


Quartz clocks are known to come in a wide range of designs that are classic as well as contemporary. For the operation, they generally require batteries that can last for a long period of time. Moreover, some of them also come with the ability to produce the chiming function that is present in old clocks.

 Digital Wall Clock:


A digital wall clock is an electronically operated machine that tells the time through numbers present on the screen. They can either work using batteries or an electric power supply from the wall. Many people use these because they are considered to be a cost-effective option.


Some of the digital clocks are known to use Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) or Light-emitting Diode (LED) technologies in them. These provide a clearer view along with a sharper time telling feature. A few of these house extra features such as calendars, dates, days, months, temperatures and alarms as well. The time shown on the device can be of many colors.