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There is a limitless range of gaming consoles and video games in Nepal available online at Kaymu. Some warrant the use of controls while others simply require the use of gestures.The video game arena has progressed by leaps and bounds in the past two decades. Notable names in the market for video games are that of Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo. Many video game manufacturers will develop games that will work on several platforms.

Video Game Genres

There are so many gaming genres to choose from, including action, adventure, horror, sports, modeling, and so much more. Pick according to what interests you or appeals you the most and get going with the best video games in town.

Modeling or role-playing games are action-laden with complex story lines. The player has to comply with or observe a set of instructions that are followed in a sequence,and can extend to several hours of play. Some role-playing games have shots that play like a movie.

Coming to action games, they demand a great deal of physical agility with the use of fingers and eye movements, simultaneously, as required. Take your pick from shooting games as well as fighter games.

Gaming Platforms in the Past

In the past, names such as Sega and Atari were highly popular. Before buying a gaming console in Nepal ,gamers should examine what games are available to them. They should get their hands on that console which will provide the greatest variety of games.

Current Console Manufacturers

When it comes to Sony, it is worth mentioning that Sony owns the PlayStation license. Then came the PlayStation X which became the primary console that introduced CD-ROMS for playing games. The Sony PlayStation was then launched with a faster processor that allowed for enhanced gaming and an ultimate multimedia and gaming experience. The PS2 could also play PSX games.The PlayStation 3 which was introduced in 2006 has a default Blu-ray player. PS3,PS4 and other models are available at highly affordable prices. You can also browse a range of PSP games in Nepal online at Kaymu. The PlayStation Vita is a handheld gaming mechanism that Sony has released.

Microsoft kick-started with its first console in 2001,known as the Xbox.The Xbox Live allowed players to compete with each other in real time over the internet.The Xbox 360 is another gaming console developed by Microsoft which is the second in the Xbox series. It has been designed for a luxurious gaming experience while you sit back and enjoy the comfort of your homes.

Nintendo is one of the pioneers in the market for gaming consoles which came up with the Nintendo Wii which is a control with a motion sensor.Nintendo has also launched several handheld gaming consoles.

Convenient Shopping On the Go

Place your orders for PC games in Nepal at Kaymu and avail free shipping and cash on delivery which is provided at your doorstep.Orders can now be placed online for video games and consoles via a mobile app for shoppers in Nepal.