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Digital world is expanding. Every bit that was just a part of the imagination before has now turned into reality. Wide range of goods like mobile phones, laptops, desktop computers, smartwatches, computer peripherals and televisions is bringing exclusive joy to human lives. Designers have added specific features and following the latest technology trends so that customers can remain updated.

Among these entities, there are video cameras that capture the moving images and record the videos. Initially, they were developed for the television industry to capture the shows and dramas but afterwards, implementation took new ways. The preliminary video cameras were of John Logie Baird utilized in early 20th century and were based on the Nipkow disk. Late 20th century took a new turn when cameras were designed with solid state image sensors. Many of the issues of tube technologies were removed by then. 21st century gave new aroma of digital televisions and in the same way the digital video cameras became famous.

Just like the products for other regions of the world, video cameras in Nepal also have two prime modes. The first one is for immediate observation which means it is used for live television where live images are thrown directly to the screen. Other than that, they are also valuable for security and military purposes and industrial operations. Secondly, video cameras store image in particular devices or capture motions for further processing.

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Features and accessories for video cameras

Adventures are the thrilling activities which are also the best source of knowledge. What if these lessons are stored in a device so that you can relish your experiences afterwards? Well this can happen via using adventurous sports camera. They are water-resistant and sturdy enough to face any sort of environment.

If you own a market, you are an employee of security department or you want to secure your home from threats, then wireless IP video camera is best for you. This type of spy camera in Nepal helps to record the videos of people without their consent or knowledge.

Some of the accessories should also be purchased with these video cameras to boost the capturing tactic.

Memory cards

These devices store the data in digital form and help to be viewed in other devices like desktop computers and laptops.


If you are owning HD video cameras in Nepal, then it is good to protect them in camera cases. These can be bags or portable covers for individual camera items.


For fruitful audio results, it is perfect to have microphones. These external devices are connected via adapters and cables suitable for your video camera.