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Beautiful Vases for every setting at Kaymu Nepal

Vases are one of the most used Home décor items there are. Some people use them to place beautiful flowers in them while others are placed on the floor to add artificial decorations to a room.

Kaymu Nepal is offering the largest collection of vases for sale for home improvement. These are available at different vases prices in Nepal to choose from and to easily place them wherever you like.

Vase Styles

When you are to buy vases online in Nepal, the first thing to decide upon is the type or the style of the vase. If you are unsure of which one to get, here is a comprehensive guide:

1- Bud Vases:

A Bud Vase is one of the most commonly bought vases in Nepal. It is designed in a way that it holds only a single bud at one time. The most common shape of these is the cylinder one that has a narrow opening at the top. Others shapes include squares, teardrops and circles.

 2- Clear Vases:

Clear Vases are present in every home. These can be in the form of a crystal vase or a plastic one depending on the user. The basic reason of a crystal vase is that it clearly displays what is present inside the vase along with making it look bigger. The beauty of a clear vase is that it makes everything look more open. People who want to have a flower vase in their home should choose the clear vase style for the perfect look.

 3- Floor Vases:

Floor Vases are used by a number of people to fill up a certain corner in a setting. Floor wooden vases can be filled up with dry wheat grass or large sunflowers to make them look gorgeous. These are large in size and can be grouped together as well. These can tip over so it is advised to fill them up with sand or rice so they become heavy.


4- Antique Vases:

Antique Vases are made for the decoration enthusiasts. These is an option of vase with painting in these that feature different eras or the styles of various countries on them. People who prefer to have traditional looks go with this type.

Terminology of Vase Parts

Whether you are buying a hard glass vase or a porcelain one, the parts are more or less similar for each one.

The foot of the vase is the base. It is made from the strongest of materials so that it is able to support the whole weight along with the additional items placed inside it. Generally it comes in a flat or a bulbs like shape.

The body of the vase has the major surface area in the whole vase. It is large in size so that it can be adorned with different embellishments along with paintings on it.

The shoulder is the curve of the vase where the body is to be joined to the neck region. The neck for the vase is generally thick in size and varies in length. The longer the neck, the more elegant and sophisticated it is considered to be.