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Kaymu Nepal is your one stop destination for shopping ultraooks online from top brands in Nepal. With best deals and discounts rolling throughout the year, you can get a fair chance to save money on ultrabooks price in Nepal regardless of models, specs and features. You may find a cheaper deal on used ultrabooks but often times these machines die down after a few months in use this is because there are plenty of minor details which one cannot keep track of. Sometimes the keyboard is faulty or the response time has slowed down.

Guide For Choosing Ultrabook Brands Based On Your Needs

Acer ultrabooks are probably the fastest ultrabooks in terms of response time. If you are a media junkie and love watching movies then this is probably the right book for you. It comes bundled with windows 8 and more than 200 gb of ram. Asus ultrabooks are versatile and smart but for the high price they charge, they will be an okay deal. Lenovo ultrabooks are convertible ultrabooks are laptops that can detach from the keyboard and can be used as a somewhat large tablet with a large touch screen. Toshiba ultrabooks are used more buy business professional because of its durable battery life of more than ten hours. So when you have back to back presentations. The Toshiba kirabook is even stronger with a heavy i7 processor and battery time of up to 16 hours.

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When it comes to the design of ultrabooks no one can beat the apple mac. The mac is super sleek with ah scratch resistant screen. The mac runs on a OSX operating system and comes in two screen sizes of 11.6 inches and 13.3 inches. The weight of the ultrabook should also be considered before purchase. Generally an ultrabook weights around 2.6 pounds but there are a few that go even lower. Dell ultrabooks are perfect if you don't have any specific feature you are looking for. They are a good over option which wide screen display and high resolution screen. The Sony also has a unique shape of sliding out. High end brands usually come with full HD displays and sharp graphic. They have a hybrid storage of upto 1 tb.

Ultrabook Cores; What They Mean

When we talk about cores in a computer it is the speed of its processor we are referring to. The basic function of a processor is to perform tasks and by increasing the core number of a processor you may be able to perform multiple heavy duty tasks all at once. We begin with a basic core i3 processor which is used for simple browsing. On a computer with core i3 you may watch low resolution video clips, check emails and surf the social media. Kaymu offer ultrabooks in Nepal with a core i5 are a mid-ranged popular processor of choice. It allows for coding, programming, switching between software programs and having skype video chats. For immersive, graphic intense gaming buy HP ultrabbooks with a core i7 processor. You can also run HD video editing and other heavy applications on it.

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