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Why you need to buy hair trimmers

For your basic grooming, trips to a barber or a hair salon are often tiring and unfeasible. Sometimes you’re too lazy to go out have your hair trimmed. Also, paying to the barber, every once or twice a week is costly. However, staying neat and clean and looking good is also necessary. This creates confusion for a man as in what to do and what not. The easiest solution is to buy trimmers and conveniently use them at home or take them with you on a journey. There are different designs of trimmers for beard, moustache, nose, sideburns, hair, etc.

Buy hair trimmers from Kaymu in Nepal

Hair trimmers of different sized and brands are available at Kaymu. The quality of the trimmer is important as it will ensure the perfect look without any scratches or marks on your face. Trimmers’ prices in Nepal are based on their utility, quality and the brand. These trimmers are easy to use and must trim all types of hair. Buy trimmer online in Nepal from portals like Kaymu, which is durable and of high quality so that it can be used for a long time. An efficient trimmer with advanced featured and functions, producing desirable results are in great demand today. 

Types of trimmers available today

Electric trimmers

An electric hair trimmer has a pivot motor installed in it which can efficiently cut and trim your hair as well as beard. They have adjustable stainless steel blades so that you may select whether you want a clean shave or a light stubble. T-blade featured in these trimmers provide a detailed trimming of the hair including, sideburns, necklines, etc. These trimmers are corded devices without any hassle of using batteries.

Rechargeable trimmers

Some advanced trimmers have a charging adapter and a lithium ion battery, which enables the device to be charged fully before being used. The charging depends on the usage of turbo power boost. There is also a solar rechargeable trimmer that is ideal for travelling or staying outdoors. These trimmers and shaver are excellent for bared and nose trimming and require recharging from the sunlight. The battery is easily replaceable and the charging indicator has light which tells you whether the device is fully charged or not.

Trimmers for different hair growth

There are different styles and designs of trimmers available for different hair growth. Each trimmer has a precise usage.

Nose and ear trimmers

A nose hair trimmer is sleek in style and has a stereoscopic tool that prevents any nasal injury. The stainless steel blade has a 360 degree rotation along with advanced cutting system. The blade is easy to wash. These trimmers are precise in trimming the facial hair of your ears too.

Beard trimmers

A beard hair trimmer today is advanced enough to help you clean shave or keep a light stubble or goatee. Having powerful and versatile steel blades which are water proof provide a perfect look to your face. Some trimmers are dual sided to shave hard surface areas of your skin.