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Buy Toys for Kids Online In Nepal

The holiday season has already arrived and there cannot be a better idea to keep your children busy than buying them nice and safe toys. While you go shopping toys for your kids, you need keeping in mind that they need to be age-appropriate and approved by concerned authorities for safety in order to prevent probable injuries. The toys in Nepal include complete range from toddlers to children.

Safe Toys for Kids in Nepal

As mentioned above, the toys need to be manufactured while keeping all the safety measures in mind however those manufactured by the unlicensed and unauthentic firms can also cause injuries to your kids. Most injuries resulting from toys include bruises, minor cuts or scrapes however if mishandled or used without supervision of elders, the toddlers can get serious injuries which may even lead to death. Before you go for online toys shopping for your toddler, there are things that you need to keep in mind to make the safest decision:

Read Instructions Carefully: Every toy comes with instructions about how it is to be used and the age group it is suitable for. Read those instructions carefully before you and make sure that your child learns how to use it in the right way or he/she may get hurt.

Think Large:In order to make sure that the toys do not hurt your kid, keep in mind to buy toys that are larger than your child's mouth. This would not only prevent choking but would also be more fun for the kid.

Avoid Toys with Loud Sounds: The toys with too loud sounds can cause damage to your child's hearing. So make sure that the sound they create is normal and safe for your child's ears.

Buy Quality Stuffed Toys: Kids love playing with stuffed toys however when you buy them, be sure to opt for those with best quality. They need to be made out of premium quality washable material so that you may wash them quite often to prevent germs accumulating on them.

Buy Only Smooth Plastic Toys: If you are buying plastic toys for your kids, make sure that they are made out of sturdy and smooth plastic material which is unbreakable. This would prevent your kids from any possible injuries.

Avoid Toxic Materials: Remember to see if the toy packaging has 'Non Toxic' label on it. The toys made out of toxic materials are hazardous for your kids' and can cause poisoning.

Avoid Hobby Kits for Kids: Buying hobby kits and chemistry sets for kids who are below twelve years of age is not a good idea at all. This could harm them in many different ways. Besides, if you are buying any such toys for your older kids, make sure they know how to handle them.

Buy Approved Electric Toys: When buying electric toys for your children, make sure that they are approved and labeled. The low quality electric toys may badly harm your kids.

Buy Safe Crib Toys: Since the crib toys are an ideal choice for making your toddlers happy and satisfied, you need to check carefully that their wires or strings are short enough to avoid strangulation. You should hang these toys at an appropriate distance that is far from your child's approach.

Buy toys for kids from Kaymu in Nepal

Every parent want his child to be pampered in every possible way. Be it clothes, shoes, accessories or toys, parents want the best for their child. Since playtime is important for a child's development, kids' toys are important to buy. Kids toys online shopping can be done from Kaymu which offers different types of toys for all ages of children. There is a wide variety available, ranging from toys for newborns to teenagers. These toys act as tools to foster physical, emotional, and mental development of a child. Kids' toys prices in Nepal are affordable at Kaymu so that they can be accessible to a large customer base.

Types of toys for available for kids

Playing is an activity that enhances a child's learning and development, thus improving his capabilities. Kids' toys in Nepal are different for girls and boys. Moreover, a child's taste and preference in toys changes as he/she grows. There are different types of toys categorized according to the child's age. Let's have a look at these.

Toys for newborns:

Bright coloured toys usually fascinate the infants. These toys are soft and must rattle to attract the child's attention. Playing mats and stuffed toys are the best for this age. Colourful mats have toys hanging on them with recording of rhymes and lullabies in them.

Toys for toddlers:

Since the toddlers can crawl and bounce themselves, they require interactive toys that can communicate with them. Kaymu is one online toys store in Nepal which offers a variety of toys for such kids. These include baby dolls, vehicles, puppets, and water toys. Moreover there are plastic or vinyl balls and blocks for kids so that they can play with them. Apart from these, there are push and pull baby toys in Nepal including trains, cars, etc for kids who crawl.

Toys for preschoolers:

For grown up kids, there are toys that enhance their physical skills. These include puzzles, building blocks structures, doll houses, sand toys, etc. Child toys online shopping such as for action figurines including batman, spiderman, etc. can be done from Kaymu. They can buy their favourite characters and play with them using their own imaginations. To enhance their creativity, crayons, papers and scissors, clay dough, etc. can also be purchased for the kids.

Toys for school going and teenage kids:

Children in kindergarten and in preteens have different interests in toys. You can buy online toys for kids, especially girls, which include furniture, jewellery crafting, arts and makeup kits, etc. For boys, there are sports toys, video games, action toys, toy vehicles, etc.

Things to consider when buying toys for children

Toys for kids online shopping require essential tips to be considered before buying. Firstly, look for the toys that are age appropriate, that is, they suit your child's size and age. Secondly, buy toys that ensure safety of your child and are non-hazardous while playing. Thirdly, select toys that engage your child's passion and interest, thus expanding his/her abilities.