Top 5 most Used Electronics in Nepal

Using the latest technology is essential for the growth of a country. Being closely situated to India has had a positive influx of technology in Nepal. Like other developing countries in the world, Nepal also has to rely on the latest technological advancements. Its neighboring country, India, has played a positive role in bringing affordable technology to the country and this has led to Nepalese being more tech savvy than other developing countries in the world.

Latest electronics have found their way in Nepal and are being used by Nepalese in everyday lives. Following are the 5 most used electronics in Nepal:

Portable Speakers

Portable speakers are being widely used in Nepal because of the many advantages they offer. Unlike bulky headphones and traditional speakers, they can be carried around easily. For people on the go, portable speakers are a great way to have music by their side. Whether going for a trek, on a road trip or simply commuting daily, portable speakers are always with you.

iPods & MP3 Players

It seems as Nepalese love their music as iPod and mp3 players are the second most used electronics in Nepal. Apple always comes up with innovative and high quality products and with iPod, it again struck a chord with its customers. People who don't prefer iPod have the option to buy quality mp3 and mp4 players from great brands like Sony.

Gaming - Consoles, Accessories & Video Games

Nepalese are tech savvy people. This is evident from their use of high tech products. PS4, Xbox consoles and games are frequently purchased by Nepalese. Games like GTA V and FIFA have been a huge hit worldwide and Nepal has also joined the party. All the latest games and consoles are always high in demand in Nepal.

DSLR & Camera Accessories

Nepal has 8 of the 10 largest mountains in the world, including the mighty Mount Everest. As such, it is agreat place for scenic beauty. In fact, tourism plays a major role in the economy of the country. Nepalese Sherpas or porters are famous worldwide. The landscape of Nepal provides a great opportunity for locals and tourists to snap a few pictures from their DSLRs.


LED TVs are among the most frequently bought items in Nepal. LED TVs are superior to other televisions because they consume less energy and offer crisp picture quality. Over the long run, they provide more value to the users, hence they are a great buy. Being tech savvy, Nepalese know what the right investment is and with LED TVs, they've hit the nail right on the head.