Top 10 Ideas to Buy Cheap Online in Nepal

Shopping, an activity even approved by psychologists as a stress relieving phenomenon. Shop till you drop works well if you happen to shop it at the best possible prices. Keeping a count on your pennies and shop smartly. Online shopping has provided us with much of ease, time saving and fuel saving as well. You just need to do few clicks and the product is delivered on your door step with returns and exchange facilities provided, Cash on delivery payment mode ease and at times free shipping too depending upon destinations and terms and conditions of the company offering you the product. Though online option of shopping has made shopping more fun and much easy but yet it is needed to be done wisely. There are some tips and tricks to that. Simple yet subtle suggestions and ways of saving money thus being able to shop more out of those saved pennies are.

Top 10 Ideas to Buy Cheap Online in Pakistan - Shopbots


Shopbots, are shopping robots, which is a tech tool that searches through selected online retailers products and prices to find out the cheapest deal. They trawl through ratings of web retailers and compare prices, whether you search for clothes, fragrances, books, gadgets and games or something else.

Price-tracking apps

This is another smart way of keeping a price check on the deals of various stores where you quite often happen to shop. Multiple apps are there in the market these days, developed specifically for different operating systems be it be that of apple or android. You can download such apps on your phone and it will be easy for you to keep a track of various offers going on in your favorite stores. Some of well rated apps are CamelCamelCamel, SlickDeals Price Tracker, PriceZombie and Invisible Hand etc. you make them your guide and enjoy shopping!

Top 10 Ideas to Buy Cheap Online in Pakistan - Price-tracking apps

Membership cards

Multiple retailers now offer their membership cards that is also a good way of saving some extra pennies in your pocket while shopping for your favorite products. The membership cards adds up the free shopping points on your every purchase thus enabling you to avail the discount on your next purchase.

Sign up for newsletters

Signing up for newsletters serves a good purpose of giving you the idea of recent price ranges and the recent models versions of whatever you like to purchase. Though you may get irritated by getting your email box filling up with such news alerts but trust it pal, it will be able to help you out in saving quite an amount of money in your pocket when you will make purchase.

Comparison Shopping

It's Sunday and you want to stay lazy and in bed. You are more than welcome to do it, grab a little courage and just but bring in your laptop here with you as well. Today make all the price and bundle offer comparisons on your best liked on line retailers and pick out all that which you are going to buy this month at the best price deals.

Top 10 Ideas to Buy Cheap Online in Pakistan - Price-tracking apps

Coupon Codes

Frequent purchases you make from the same retailer, added benefit is to avail their coupon codes on your next purchase. Another way is just to enter the coupon codes in your search engine and find redemption vouchers of different products and items.

Search for all the options on retailer's site

Whenever you happen to hit an online market place, do not just skim over, dig down as deep as you can you will be able to find the products of your choice offered at different prices by different retailers. Pick that suits you best. It might be time taking but it will be worth searching.

Cash back credit cards

Cashback credit or debit cards pay you every time you spend on them. It is an incentive program given by credit card companies where a percentage of the amount spent is paid back to the consumer. Rewards based credit card are more beneficial to consumers who pay their credit card statement off every month.

Top 10 Ideas to Buy Cheap Online in Pakistan - Avail the discount for who you are

Avail the discount for who you are

Many E- tailers like retailers offer discounts for people of certain income classes or professional groups. Common example are student discount, teachers groups for doctors or people of armed forces.

Shop smartly save sensibly. Happy shopping!