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Buy ties for men online from Kaymu

The dressing style of a man depicts a lot about his personality and character. Not only clothes but all the accessories which you might consider as being minor details are of great importance. Ties are a major part of men’s fashion. Some of the workplaces require men’s ties as mandatory, especially the banks. Moreover, these are mostly worn on formal occasions giving you a complete dressed up look. These have always been in fashion and also boost the confidence of the person wearing them. 

You can buy ties online in Nepal from Kaymu which offers them in a huge variety in different styles and designs. These are also available in different materials, some plain while some being patterned. Ties prices in Nepal, though affordable, are mostly based on the quality and style. These can be accessible to a large number of people.

Types and styles of ties for men

Ties for men make them look classy. These have been a part of men’s dressing since a long time. They can be worn in different styles, based on the outfit you wear. Here are some of the common neckties that men usually prefer.

Four in Hand ties:

This is the most commonly seen necktie that men wear. It is appropriate for almost all occasions that is, for jobs, interviews, dinners, weddings, etc. These ties online shopping in Nepal can be done from Kaymu where they are available in different materials, colours, widths, and patterns.

Seven Fold ties:

These are mostly the silk ties, worn on special occasions only. These ties do not contain a lining but are thick enough to form a nice knot. As the name suggests, these are folded seven times and are designed a bit differently.

Skinny ties:

These ties have a narrow width and are versatile in nature. Not only you can wear them with suits but you can also wear a tie with jeans and a blazer. This type of ties give you a more edgy look when you are dressed up.


If you are thinking of changing your look or are bored of wearing ties daily, then try bowties. These are ideally worn to parties and formal events. They must not be worn for work. These are bow shaped ties and are attached just to the collar of your dress shirt. You can find these ties in Nepal in various designs and patterns.


These are a bit dressier form of ties. Instead of tying a knot, these are usually pinned near the collar. They give you a sharp, dapper look when you dress up.

Things to consider when buying ties

1- Decide the type of material you want to buy for a tie. Silk ties are pricy and must be worn on formal occasions. For daily wear, you can buy plain cotton or nylon ties that are easy to form knots.

2- Look for the length of the tie and its width.

3- Finally decide the colour and the pattern of the tie. Some ties are plain and have bold colours, while others have intricate patterns made on them to add a touch of elegance to them.