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Sports make us healthy. We not only avail the physical fitness but the mental prosperity is also the aspect of sports. The various categories of such games are supposed to induce the excitement including the swimming sports. Although some people take this sort as fun while some are professionally involved in this act to perform some research.  But you cannot just simply get into the water and initiate swimming. You definitely require certain accessories to guard for face more specifically the eyes. Considering this case then there are multiple masks and goggles for swimming.

If you are not getting these swim goggles and masks in Nepal via physical markets then it does not mean you should stop having fun. The opportunity of online purchase has every amenity for the buyer and a person is never disappointed by the offered range and quality. Kaymu is one of those online portals that facilitate the natives of Nepal by free and safe consignment as well as effortless mode of paying.

Prime features of swimming goggles

Lenses and material

The color of lenses and the sort of materials of swimming glasses are necessary to determine to make the vision clearer in lighting condition or through sheath of water. Few of the shades include clear, blue, amber, grey and mirror. If there is low light then clear lenses are best because of the lack of light filter. Blue gives the slight light filter and aids to view comfortable where there is bit of glare. Amber on the other hand reduces the glare to a great extent but filtration of light is much less. Gray is a good filterer while the mirror lenses are the strongest of all in this matter. Pondering on the materials, then polycarbonate is finest because of crack resistance aspect. The higher grade of plastic surely reduces distortion.


There are the kinds of goggles that are very much based upon usage. If you are buying them for competition then you will examine sight difference in the appearance. They are designed to allow wearer to move in water as quickly as possible. The reduction of water resistance is necessary for this case. Hence these goggles are low-profiled and have narrow frames. Moreover, training goggles are based on comfort as compared to performance and easily fit the face.

Swim masks – specs and benefits

Swim masks are made to shield prime area of face. The lenses of such masks have classes like plastic lenses, glass lenses, prescription lenses and panoramic lenses. There are also photography masks that are particularly made for the professional photographers with the facility of clearly viewing the objects under water. Some portion of this mask is made up of black silicone so that glare can be minimized from the person’s line of sight. There are also sort of masks according to the fitting traits, which are skirting, purge masks and full faced diving masks. So buy swim goggles and masks online and the experience with ease.