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Buy Surveillance Equipment in Nepal Online at Kaymu

Looking for a fool proof security system for your home or office or any other commercial or private entity? You can find all sorts of spy cameras at Kaymu at the best possible prices.

A Range of Surveillance Devices to Choose From

Choose surveillance equipment in various sizes and styles at Kaymu. You can also purchase hidden cameras that are minuscule in size and can be placed on vases, plants, and other decorative items at your place.

Buy surveillance equipment at Kaymu Nepal at highly reasonable prices. If you have hired a security officer, it is practically impossible for him to be present everywhere. Therefore, you require a sound security system that is durable, efficient and error-free.

A surveillance system makes use of a camera and monitor that are connected by a cable. At Kaymu, your safety is of paramount importance to us. Shop for CCTV cameras in Nepal from Kaymu and monitor an area distantly, without you having to be present at the specific location.

If you wish to survey multiple areas simultaneously, you will have to buy multiple cameras with separate monitors for each.The multiplexer helps to display multiple(4,9,16) cameras at the same time on a single monitor by dividing the screen into rows of equal size. These are not videos, but in fact consecutively changing images, one after the other.

Factors to Consider when Buying a CCTV Camera in Nepal at Kaymu

The first step is to identify your needs. Whether you need for your home or for commercial property or your office is an important point to ponder. This is because it will impact the size of the camera and the corresponding monitor. Do you wish to catch faces or the larger area? This is another question you might consider asking yourself.

Choose from regular wired cameras to IP cameras that allow you to access the cameras from a remote location using the internet. May also include features to record videos such as DVR. The DVR converts analog video into digital format (hard drives). DVR scan be conveniently saved and accessed for reference purposes at a later date using date and time stamps. They can also be viewed over the internet since they have become digital signals.

Are you looking for an indoor or outdoor CCTV camera or both? And what is your budget? Also assess the kind and quality of the chip that captures and saves images in the camera. Go for a monitor that corresponds with the resolution of the camera mechanism.

Pinhole Cameras

A Pinhole camera is an enclosed box with the pinhole acting as the camera's lenses. When you point the pinhole to a scenery, the wall opposite the pinhole will show an inverted image of that scenery. This is the simplest form of camera.

Convenient Surveillance Equipment Online Shopping

Order now and benefit from free shipping and cash on delivery service which is provided at your doorstep. You can place orders for CCTV cameras and other types of hidden cameras at Kaymu via a convenient mobile app for shoppers in Nepal, taking online shopping to a whole new level.