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Stuffed toys are the perfect gift for a child and even adults. Children love to cuddle with their favorite stuffed teddy bear or doll at night and like to play with it. Every toddler has at least one favorite stuffed toy which they adore and remember it even when they grow up. There are different types of stuffed toys that shoppers can get which include; stuffed animals, stuffed dolls, stuffed cartoon characters and even food items which are stuffed. These plush toys are enjoyed by children because they can create their own fantasy world and play with these whenever they want to. As a kid everyone has that one stuffed toy which they keep forever. Stuffed teddy bears are one of the most popular toys for kids and adults. One can give a teddy bear to their loved one on special days like Valentine's Day or even anniversaries. Stuffed toys in Nepal are quite popular because these can easily cheer up a child or a loved one. Kaymu offers their buyers with a wide collection of stuffed toys online. One can easily buy stuffed toys online here at reasonable prices.

Factors to Consider Before Buying Stuffed Toys


There are several materials from which stuffed toys are made in which includes; plush, wool, terrycloth and so on forth. These materials are safe for children but always check whether your kid has allergies from these materials or not. Many toddlers are allergic to some materials that is why parents must be careful. Kids often put the toys in their mouth and even rub them against the skin, so it is important to know the material from which the toys are made from.


There are different materials from which toys are stuffed from. These materials can be prone to germs and bacteria that is why is important to wash the toys after every few months. The most commonly used materials for stuffing include; cotton, wool, polyester and different types of pellets. It is important to again consider the material of the stuffing because your kid might be allergic to some of the materials. 

Wash Stuffed Toys after Every Few Months

It is important to wash and keep stuffed toys cleaned especially when they are being used by children. Small kids tend to keep their toys with them all the time and they like to play with them outside. Stuffed toys are prone to bacteria growth and even germs so it is important to wash them often. You can throw all the toys in the washing machine, use mild detergent and air dry them in the sun. If you buy second hand stuffed toys then again wash them thoroughly with strong detergent and you can also use antiseptic solutions to get rid of the germs. If the toys gets stains on them then you can use powder detergent to get rid of the stain by rubbing it with a small damp cloth.

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