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As technology advances to computers and laptops so does the means to store it. We are now in a world of digital cameras, emails and work files all of which have to be stored in virtual files. The old floppy disk is no longer enough for all these things neither were CDs and DVDs. Other than the space problem these Storage devices were inefficient and dated. These had to be something quicker, better and faster; thus appeared the modern day storage device. Storage devices in Nepal include USB memory cards and external hard drives. Online shopping for storage devices in Nepal can be a bit tricky. Kaymu offers a wide variety of affordable storage solutions from renowned brands such as Kingston, Toshiba, HP, Transcend, Sandisk and Verbatim.

Buy USB Drives Online in Nepal

A usb device is a small chip like device that is used to store important data. Usb in Nepal is also commonly used to share files of different sorts. If you are a school or college going student you will know the importance of the device in sharing lectures and assignments. usb devices in Nepal are now easily available at regular book stores and computer shops. Previously the device was the size of an index finger and could only store upto 2-3 giga bytes but now an average usb stores around 3 – 4 GB of memory. Usb prices in Nepal vary depending on how much storage capacity it has. But even a 16 GB USB flash drive is easy on the pocket. Its affordability makes it easily available to students.

Kaymu; Online Marketplace for External Hard Drives

Compared to a flash drive, external hard drives are much more durable and efficient. People use this device for a number of reasons. Many times we have lost our memories to virus in computers or phone breakdowns. There is now a way to store these digital photos in a safe and secure way. External hard drive can use for keeping your memorable photos and videos safe. As you are not regularly using this external hard drive on regular basis, simply copy the folders once a month and keep the device away from nasty virus from corrupting documents.The memory on an external hard drive is much more than that of a usb storage device today we can easily find external hard drives that go beyond 1 TB. That means you can save movies in fact have a virtual library of films and even books on the external hard drive.

Things to Consider Before Buying External Hard Drive in Nepal

When buying a storage device a very common factor that people ignore is its user interface. The device should not only be easy to use but should also have proper security systems such as a passcode to enter into the memory device. It should have solid virus/hacking protection as there are important files in the hard drive which you don't want to lose. Some external hard drives also have automatic backup software in case of emergency. Lastly the design should be nice to look at and easy to place or stack on shelves.