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Looking for sports products in Nepal conveniently available under one online portal? If you play football, basketball, soccer or any other sport and are searching for stylish sneakers, joggers, a funky swimsuits or track suits online, Kaymu Nepal is one of the growing online marketplaces showcasing the best sports products in Nepal. You can buy roller skates, joggers, football T-shirts, swimsuits, jackets etc. supporting particular teams. Clothing and joggers are also available for different types of sports such as Volleyball, Cricket, Badminton, Tennis, Swimming, Table Tennis, and Cycling.

Support your Sports Team in Style

You can buy your Team's flag online at Kaymu Nepal and support your team in style! If you are organizing a sports event you can buy trophies for the winning team at Kaymu. We have golden metal trophies for basketball, football, cricket etc in small, medium and large sizes.Trophies are also available for individual best performers, for example, Trophy for the Best Batsman in cricket, Player of the Match in Football, among others. T-shirts, jackets and uniquely designed socks backing a particular team, are also available.

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You can buy sportswear for Football including Football jerseys, shoes, balls, socks, collar T-shirts of Nike, Adidas,Puma, Warrior etc at Kaymu's online marketplace for Nepal. These are available in all sorts of designs and colors. If you are an avid swimmer and looking for cool swimming goggles and swimsuits, you can choose from our online assortment of swimming wear and related products.

Moreover, if you are a tennis player, looking for rackets, balls and tennis kits,browse through our online collection of tennis products today and shop now! Likewise, Volleyball players can surf in the designated category and shop for balls best suited to their needs. Badminton lovers can shop for a wide variety of the best-selling rackets, a collection of shuttlecocks and badminton kits online.If you happen to be a cyclist, you can find a wide range of cycling products such as cycles, chain oil, helmets and cycling jerseys.

Table tennis players can select from a diverse variety of table tennis rackets and balls as well as ping pong and table tennis sets online.Classy basketballs are also available for you to buy if you are a basketball fanatic. All cricket lovers can buy their favorite team's T-shirt, cricket sports bag, batsman's helmet, knee pads, hard ball, wicket keeper gloves and other cricket products online.

Shop for Fitness and Yoga Products Online

You can choose from a huge range of Heart & BP Monitors as well as gym equipment online. Gym equipment includes body balancers, knee cap, single hand clamp set, exercise rollers and chest expander. Upper arm and digital blood pressure monitor wristwatches and blood sugar checking devices are all designed to monitor changes in your body as a result of physical activity.Other products include boxing helmets, multi-colored snooker balls, kids' boxing gloves, push up sets etc. Fitness & yoga products in Nepal include skipping ropes, tummy trimmers,and flexible skate boards.

So all sports freaks, don't hesitate and shop now!