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A vast majority of men and women around the world make use of skin care products in order to keep their skins soft and glowing. The skin care experts strictly recommend making use of skin care creams and other bath & body care products that are manufactured by the world's renowned brands which include Jocose, Revlon, Ponds, Olay etc. While purchasing, you should make sure that the products are genuine. Sellers at Kaymu are acquired carefully through our highly experienced and qualified acquisition teams whose job is to ensure 100% genuine products quoted at the most competitive prices. At Kaymu's online marketplace, you can make price comparisons of facial care products listed by the leading retailers of cosmetics brands in Nepal and buy the best deals in the town.

Choosing Your Skin Type

It is really crucial for you to know about your skin type before you finally purchase products for your facial care. There are many different types of skins which include normal skin that is usually soft and doesn't look shiny. The normal skin does not produce oil. On the other hand, the dry skin is usually not soft and flakes most of the time. The oily skin, as the name implies, produces oil and therefore remains shiny most of the time. These skins leave oil residue when they are touched with a tissue. Special face cleanser is used for treating oily skins. The combination skin is oily at some parts of the face while dry at the others. As the name suggest, it is a combination of oily and dry skin types. The last but not least is the sensitive skin which can be found quite often in women. The sensitive skin remains dry most of the time and is prone to irritation, therefore requires a lot of care. The popular brands like Garnier, Veda and Nivea manufacture topnotch skin care products in Nepal for all types of skins and are available at Kaymu's online shopping community.

Best Practices for Skin Care

In order to make sure that your skin remains glowing and fresh all the time, you need to make sure that best practices recommended by the skin care experts around the world, are followed.

Removing Makeup:

The skin care professionals advise making use of natural beauty products such as olive oil and jojoba oil for removing any type of makeup from the skin. This should be done by making use of a cotton ball.

Skin Cleansing:

The practice of cleansing skin needs to be done at least once in a day to ensure healthy and ever fresh skin. For people with special skin care needs, cleansing may be done twice in a day.


Skin toning helps reducing the size of skin pores. It also acts as a great fighting agent against acne, redness, aging and a lot more. The skin toners are not known as a good choice for dry skin types however there are special toners with no alcohol made for dry skin types.


The moisturizing of skin is known as a crucial practice when it comes to skin care. The moisturizers that include suns cream moisturizer and many more, help maintaining balance of moisture in a skin especially if the natural oils are stripped during the cleaning and toning process.