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As the trend of taking selfies increases so does the demand for better selfie phones and accessories increases. One of the very interesting accessory used for taking selfies is a selfie stick.

Now you can easily get a selfie stick in Nepal with the help of Kaymu. There is a wide-range of selfie sticks available at Kaymu. The prices of selfie stick in Nepal are reasonable, however if you want further discounts then you are at the right place. Kaymu offers discount offers which reduces the cost of products that you need.

These days many popular brands are introducing their own line of selfie sticks. Some selfie sticks have advanced features while others are simple. The Yunteng selfie stick is an example of an advanced selfie stick which has features like a very soft handle, Bluetooth capacities and can be turned into a tripod, this model can easily carry the weight of a DSLR camera. Yunteng designs are known as the “smart selfie sticks” because of the spectacular features.

Different Types of Selfie Sticks

Bluetooth Selfie Stick

One the best selfie stick for android is the one that has Bluetooth capabilities. This design of selfie sticks allows the user to take pictures by clicking a trigger. Some designs require a separate button which allows the photo to be taken. The Remax selfie stick models do not require a button as they are designed with a built-in button. These work best when you are travelling and you do not want to carry too much stuff with you. This selfie stick can be folded to make it as small as possible which makes it easy to use and carry.

Cable Selfie Sticks

The cable selfie sticks do not require batteries or external power. These have cable triggers that are known as the Looq and Noot systems. When the phone device is attached to this accessory, the cable needs to be attached to the phone's headphone jack which automatically opens the camera application.

Selfie Sticks without Triggers

These type of selfie sticks do not have any trigger systems and have to be worked with manually. This works well for people who do not mind taking pictures using their timer on the phone. The selfie stick will only act as a holder to take wider picture angles.

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