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Kids are the adorable creatures of this world. Either they play, study or talk, everyone loves to watch them. When they start the educational life, the new stuffs have to be introduced. They have to purchase new things and deal with new people. Regarding the school essentials, then school bags are the prime containers that comprise of every school stationery like pencils, rubbers, sharpeners, pouches and books. These are mostly the backpacks which are easier to carry for the little ones as they can hang them on shoulders while holding water bottles or other stuff in hands.

Just like in Western or other well-established countries, school bags in Nepal also have the variety of designs and sizes to relish. To buy school bags online in Nepal, nothing is more reliable than Kaymu. This is because the official website illustrates the huge variety as well as the price reductions which makes it possible for every parent to buy quality bags for their kids.

Now comes the exact online purchase. Many of us make the mistake of selecting the wrong item either in hurry or because of carelessness. To buy bags for school, it is best to ponder on the below tips.

The right size is compulsory

You neither can place the heavy or large backpacks on the delicate shoulders of your kids nor can you buy the much smaller sizes that cannot even contain all the school stuff. Purchase something that will create ease for the little ones to carry and then walk. This is also necessary for avoiding the health issues which can otherwise lead to severe shoulder and back pain.

Look for additional features

The additional features can include the number of pockets and rolling backpacks. Some of the schools offer more course books and hence kids have to carry all of them on routine basis. Some kids cannot carry this much weight. So for them, there is the option of rolling school backpacks. The pop-up handle at the top is finest for grabbing the bag while rolling. If the kid is not in mood of rolling, push down the handle and let him or her enjoy the shoulder straps. Also count the number of pockets which might be separate for books, bottles, pencils and lunch boxes.

Consider what your kid likes

The choice of your kid is what actually defines the entire purchase. If your kid doesn’t like what you purchased, then your whole struggle goes vain. While going for the school bags for girls, consider the girly designs. Females adore to have floral patterns as well as the famous female cartoon characters. On the other hand, the boys admire to have the prints of superheroes like Superman and Batman.

Never underestimate the reaction of existing buyers

The existing buyers are the sheer treasures for the newbies. The quality of their comments posted on the website demonstrate what sort of product is being sold. Read them carefully to avoid any regrets in future.