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Romance Novels in Nepal are always in great demand because of their versatile range along with their beautiful stories. It is known that authors invest a great amount of time creating the characters, imaging the perfect storyline and formulating the climax. Each aspect of the story is covered to a great extent to make it beautiful for the readers.

The Romance novel prices in Nepal vary according to the author and the release of the books. For you to find each type of romance novels along with the publications of all famous authors, Kaymu Nepal is the place for you to be. Shop from our extensive range to find what you need.

Genres of Romance Novels

When you have to buy romance novel online, you should always decide on the genre that you have to get. The world of Romance Novels is so wide that there are different genres present in it for people to select from. Moreover, for love story books in Nepal, authors choose to write in a specific style that they want to choose.

Contemporary Romance Novels

Contemporary romance novels are known to be set after the World War II. These are the largest subgenre of romance novels because they are known to discuss the past and the events to come. They are also shown to have working women who care for their homes as well. During the reading of these novels, the story tends to get complex and finishes in a beautiful manner.

Romantic Suspense Novels

The Romantic suspense novels have mysteries present in them that the protagonist has to solve. Generally, the heroine is a victim of the crime or she has to work with the hero to solve the case. The main protagonist is generally a man who has to be a protector for the woman. The mystery gets solved by the interaction of the hero and heroine who are involved with each other.

Historical Romance Novels

Historical romance novels are a category of fiction has they are located in the past. The authors are known to take up some major events in history and transform them into a love story among people. Most of these are written based upon English history.

Paranormal Romance Novels

Paranormal Romance Novels are known to blend reality with science fiction. There are normal human beings present in these along with other urban fantasy creatures such as vampires, werewolves, demons, aliens or normal people with manifestations such ghosts or witches. These type of novels are highly trending at the moment due to their different storylines.

Time Travel Romance Novels

Time travel romance novels are a much loved sub category. Generally, the heroine is from the present or the past and she has to travel in time to meet the love of her life. Many times, the hero has to do the same as well. The interesting and capturing element of these books is the comparison between the past and the present of the lives of the hero and heroine.