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Your Face and Selecting the Right Men's Razors & Clippers

For men, saving is a daily issue and the tools used for the job play a major role. The act of shaving is the easy part but choosing the best mens razors for your face can be a challenge. Prior to selecting a razor from Kaymu, it is important to learn more about a man's face and razors in general.

Dry skin is a common problem and some shaving devices can cause irritation. This type of skin has patches as a result of dry cells and a lack of natural oil to eliminate friction that can be caused by standard and electric razors. Therefore, dry skin needs lubrication prior to shaving. This can be in the form of shaving alcohol-based lotion, shaving powder or soap and water.

Also, men have a variety of facial hair to content with which is categorized into thin, medium and thick. The ideal razor for one individual may not be the best for another. Therefore, it is critical to determine the amount of facial hair you have.

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Prior to comparing specific brands of men's razors at Kaymu, it is important to learn about the options which include straight razors, multiple-blade razors, rotary shavers and foil shavers. Straight razors are devices that have a direct blade that touches the skin. While it will provide the closest shave possible, there is a high probability for nicks and cuts, especially for beginners.

Multiple-blade razors offer an excellent shave as well with the protection of the out plastic. Although the shave will not be as close as a straight razor, it comes close. Many multiple-blade razors have aloe or some other type of lubricant to coat the skin as you shave. Rotary shavers are a series of rotary cutters that feature round heads and three to four spinning blades. These electric razors can adjust to the contour of your face and are fairly quiet. Foil shavers are a series of blades that sit under a metallic foil which prevents the blades from physically touching your skin but still provides a close shave. The hair enters small openings in the foil and the blades trim it.